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Leo Club of Piliyandala – Installation

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 26, 2006

Hi Friends ,

I had an opprtunity of attending the installation ceremony of the Leo Club of Piliyandala in the capacity of the Guest of Honor. The New King Sameera was the chief guest. Was glad to be there due to personal reasons. First my own brother Leo Nadeesha is chairing the meeting. The crowd of the Leo Club is small but they are capable of doing something. The meeting was well organized despite the poor participation from other clubs. However Leos of Piliyandala need not to worry about their future because there is a very talented and friendly Leo Advisor for the Club. The Lions would also be supportive. Majority of the attendees also went to the installation of Leo Club of Colombo host after the instlattion. Leos you should be thankful to Lion Uditha for his kind support. May we get his support for a long time !!!

Cheers ,
Sadeepa – Old King of A2


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Moragahahena Installation

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 19, 2006

Dear All ,
This is one of my happiest blog entries !! 🙂 I visited the installation of Moragahahena and they conducted a superb installation. They gave me a nice plaque with good sinhaleese wordings !! Me as a leo who has been with Moragahahena all the time is extremply happy about their success !! Every thing was done is a professional manner and i myself learned a lot there. The new king and Lion Noel gave good speeches that cheered the mood. They also threw some ‘mada’ on me by mentioning that Watalappan scene. Anyways it was really really nice being at Moragahahena. Hope they would continue their good work!

Sadeepa , the old king !

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IT Revolution in Leoism

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 12, 2006

Hi All,

We constantly speak about Information and Communication Technological Revolution. We speak of Internet , E mail and other tele communication facilities. However I doubt whether we have utilized the full use of them in an individual and organizational level. On a personal level how many people check and reply their e mails regularly ? How many Leo Clubs have an active and updated web site ? Very few clubs ! In this year we all should launch an IT revolution in Leoism. We should take use of the maximum of the available resources. Leo Chinthaka Thilakarathne of University of Moratuwa – our council IT director has taken the initiative by establishing two yahoo groups. One for the council and another for the Leo District 306 A2. Very good start Chinthaka. However start of these IT facilities does not mean that they would function . We have to promote these tools among all the clubs and directors of council. The council web site should be updated regularly. We could learn by the example of the Colombo host website of District 306 A1. They regularly update their web site. I hope council web site will be used as a good PR and image building tool this year. Another IT idea – if we could restart the Leo Database program this year we would be able to have an organized data collection of all the members , which would make the decision making easy and accurate. New King Leo Sameera please work on this !! Have a nice day !!

The Old King of A2

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Visit the Madapatha

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 10, 2006

Dear All,


Recent visit to Madapatha Leo Club was one of the most enjoyable visits of my Leoistic career. They are bouncing back with the leadership of Hasitha , who also happens to be a council officer. I did some team building games for them and they took part in the games actively. The Leo advisor also gave a tremendous support and I gave them many tips about the Leo work. I am sure they would come up with many wonderful projects on the club and district Level. I should thank for their nice little gift and the transport arrangements !! I enjoyed being there !


The football heat is still on. Hope a Leo Club would organize a football tourney soon !   


The Old King of A2

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Voice of the Old King of A2

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 9, 2006

Hi All,

The First Club activity I visited in this Leoistic year was the orientation meeting of Leo club of Piliyandala. They are bouncing back with a membership of 25 Leos. I did some teambuilding games and a session on Leoism for them. Our District Advisor Lion Noel Palliyaguru also visited this event. The event was a great success and again I visited them yesterday at their first project at Kesbewa temple. They have organized a bodhi pooja along with their lions club !! What a great start !!! I believe that doing a religious ceremony is a good start for any organization. They also gave Pirikara to the bikkus of the temple They could have organized the project with more participation from Leos of other clubs I believe ! … My bro wont be angry for this…. This is constructive criticism J wish the new king of Piliyandala (My brother Leo Nadeesha J ) and his team all the very best !! I hope they would bring the Leo Club of Piliyandala to greater heights !!

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Hello All !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 9, 2006

I will be using this blog to air my views of the happenings of District 306A2. All the Leos are invited to comment on what i say… This is my independent voice and the Leo District Council is not linked in to this… I mean what i am saying is not official .. just what i think… Hope you would enjoy this !

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