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Uni Life

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 10, 2007

Dear Friends,What do you think of this picture…? One of my friends told that this is a perfect example of acending and decending orders. 🙂 Let me introduce the other two guys. First meet the guy in the middle with a red shirt. he is Heshan , my friend for nearly long 7 years. He was one of my class mates and later joined me at the university. Our fate seperated us at some point (i am thankful to my fate 🙂 ) where he opted to do an English special where i had to do a general. I would describe Hesh (nickname of Priyanwada ) as an emotional person. Howvever when he turns crazy…oh dont even think about that !!! He is also called Gurisa after he mispronounced the name David Ben Gurion.
The shortest (sorry , only reletivly) guy is Nuan. I met him at the uni and later became one of my good friends. Nuwan is a craaazy person!!! He would yell somehting at the lecture and fix our modes. He is a video man and has his own industry at Badulla. Could be always seen with Chathu…
I will miss both of them… but we will be meeting up soon .. at least for the exam and graduation !!


One Response to “Uni Life”

  1. nuwan said

    great man ! it’s wonderful. filled with golden memories – Nuwan

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