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Last Day @ University

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 16, 2007

I wrote for the Politics of Middle east paper on January and it is the last day of My Univeristy life in an official sense. We could not have any sort of celebrations on that day cos most of our friends were on study leave. However We , Shanuka , Raz , Priyanwada and My self had a chat on that day. Here are some of the crazy shots taken there. Shanuka imitates being a politician , however i am sure he would some day be a real politician (Joking Mr ‘Bones’)
The two girls were shy to pose for photos. Think that they are inherited from “Prince Diana” who is extremly shy to pose for photos.

We spoke of the “God” and his blind “followers” and our future job options. The meeting was a funny one but had a very serious discussion with my friend shanuka.
I will also introduce some of my other univeristy friends. (Most of them were not there .. will show them to you on another day.

Meet Nethmini , who is doing an Econ special. Cool friend , studious. Took this near the OLB where we had our exams.

So University exams are over !! No more “mug up and repeat” … But i will miss the fun uni life for sure!


3 Responses to “Last Day @ University”

  1. deeps said

    mmm envy you!! we have just started

    • lankasand said

      Envy me ! oh no , I am jealous of you all including Chaa. You are spending the best days of your life at one of the best Uni’s in Sri Lanka. Me – I am stuck at an office for a Salary , life is really monotonous …. If given Opprtunity i will go back to the university and would study better …. specially i would use the library and resources more better … and would get to know my batch mates better ..:)

      • nuwan said

        Ane macho… wediya computer eke inna epa ethakota oya wage podi podi mole apset siduweem wenawa. kookatath paressamen macho api wage neweine , umba dan Dadda kenek ne. Campus iwara karagaththe kochara amaaruwenda. Ai English Poetry lectures ehema amathakada ?

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