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University Results

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on May 29, 2007

Finally heard that they have come… Supipi called me yesterday and said that the  pass list is out. Have to  go to uni and check. However cant go today cos i have a huge workload here at WTC . Nadeesha is getting hospitalized today for his operation. I am still yawning after y’days midnight award marathon of my self and sameera. Lion Uditha was also there to decide awards. …… Deciding awards gets extremly difficult once when you have personal interests. However i feel that i waz impartial in the total process…… The foolish Ice DP did not turn around for the meeting….

Conference coffers are not that good….have to find some money some how…. i think i will have to cash in a lot of money to keep the conference going …wonder what number of ads we would find….

Could not call Raz cos the phone iz barred…..  what to do …… ::) cant help that buddy …. now the land phone line iz also barred…….

All negative news ha !! Will find something positive to share with you all soon…

Till then let me end up this blog in a negative tone!



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