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Leo Conference celebrations

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 28, 2007

Hi Girls and Guys!,

We successfully completed another Leo conference on 16th June 2007. Everything went fine except few things which we can ignore!!

sameera , our DP wanted to celebrate the victory (and the solace of finishing the District Presidency) with a dinner at Excel world. This was attended by almost all the conference committee members. Suraj (the new District Vice President) kept the crown entertained with his good jokes (he keeps on telling the ‘Pakistan Buriyani’ story !!) and was attended by Chamitha , Dinesha , Vidula , Sumudhu , Tharanga , Dinesha & Charith (our too lovely compeers) , Dilan , Kaneel Danushika ,Palinda,Chathura, Suba , Leo Uditha and not forgetting our friend ‘Lion Uditha who is called Leo Uditha.

Meanwhile , Chathura (Thadiya is his new Nick name / inventor : Lion Uditha) and Dilan Matharaarachchi disappeared (no no .. they were not abducted by the white van) and once they came back they were appearing to be involved in some foul play .. , sure to do something with the ladies in mini skirts who came to excel world at that movement) ..

Thanks to Suraj , who dropped me home on that day.

Here are two snaps taken on that day (courtesy of our good spidy ( Palinda))

The camp comitte photoNot that clear


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Leo Camp

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 28, 2007

This is old news… But i received these pictures today .. Our Leo camp was held at Hantana , Kandy. The camp is organized with the objective of developing fellowship and amity among leo club members. The participants are grouped and these groups undertake various activities such as quizzes , treasure hunts , games and presentations. The Leo council is organizing this event. They recognize the emerging leaders through Leo camp. The camp fire is the grand finale of this camp and it’s conducted with the attendance of Lion leaders. here are some snaps of our youth camp.


The camp life is challenging. You have to get up early , do the PT and go on hiking … Some snaps from the hike…

Leos hiking A hiking team

I have taken part in most of the camps after i became a Leo. These camps allowed me to meet new friends and gain lots of experiences. Today as a leader i organize these camps. This camp was organized by Leo Vidula Hasaranga , i wish to congratulate him for organizing the first ever youth camp of district 306A2.

A camp Team
Camp team - with camouflage

We all finish the camp with great joy and memories… Here is a group photo of all the participants..

Camp group photo

If you are a Leo , please be sure to be there at the next youth camp. We have plans to organize an international youth camp with attendance of more that 5 foreign Leos.

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The Leo Trio

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 28, 2007

Thats how me , chanu and Nadeesha (My brothers) introduced us in the advertisement we published in the souvenir of the Leo conference.

Here is the Leo Trio …

Nadeesha , Chanak and Sadeepa

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University Violence – Once Again!!

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 27, 2007

Came to know that Arts students and Science faculty students have clashed and the UCSC buildings and vehicles of lecturers were damaged. A coworker of mine , an undergraduate of Science faculty informed this to me.

What a shame !!! Fighting just because a bunch of guys hooted a couple ….!!!

In the history university students fought… but for worthy causes… they fought for the rights of university students , and on broader issues which had an impact on the whole country!! Today they fight like thugs for trivial causes.

I wonder what sort of reaction the university authorities would take…. I believe that such tomfoolery should be dealt seriously. The people who damage public property should be prosecuted , be they university students or LTTE !

University students themselves complain about the deteriorating quality of the government university degree. It’s not the so called “Upadhi Kada” (Private Universities) to be blamed , but your own selves!. Through idiotic acts like this they tarnish their own image.

These comments does not apply to students of University of Moratuwa , who have continued to maintain true professionalism for several decades.

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Power of Law !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 27, 2007

* Sri Lanka expresses regret over ‘Tamils eviction’ and claims full responsibility
Sunday, June 10, 2007, 13:53 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

June 10, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka today expressed ‘regrets’ over the eviction of Tamils from Colombo and said his government is taking the full responsibility over the matter.

“We regret and ready to take the responsibility over this unfortunate incident,” the Premier told a media briefing this evening in Colombo. He also said that “the government has to take responsibility for the good and bad deeds of its officers.”

Claiming that Inspector General of Police Victor Perera was asked to provide a full report by President Mahinda Rajapaksa regarding the matter, the Primer said that if someone found guilty necessary action would be taken against them.

Rejecting the claim by the Police that the Tamils had left Colombo on their own, the Prime Minister said that the police and military action was “wrong” and that minority Tamils had a right to live anywhere they pleased.

The IGP said that these people had expressed consent to go home if free transportation was provided and the government provided “safe transportation to 376 people out of over 20,000 Tamil lodgers” living in Colombo to their homes in North and East.

Friday Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa asked the IGP to submit an immediate report on the manner exercised to transport the Tamils from Colombo and promised disciplinary action against any wrongdoing on the part of any government official.


What would be the reaction of the government regarding tamil eviction if the supreme court judgment was not given? They would somehow defend their action! Fortunately the judiciary came forward and gave this decision.

In my personal opinion i am for the Tamil eviction … These people who are there in lodges are responsible for many terrorist activities. However it’s not possible to violate the fundamental rights vested upon people in the name of the “war against terrorism”. However this act will establish the notion “every tamil is a terrorist” , and will be bad for the international reputation of the country.

In a latest development another businessman has challenged the SC decision and filed another petition in the SC stating that canceling the eviction is a disruption to the defense of the country.

As a law student i am eagerly watching the reaction of the supreme court. This is a clear example of the irrational usage of executive power. Fortunately we have an independent  supreme court which is not partial.

Am confident that SC verdict will serve the justice!

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University Results ! The Last Results !!!!

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 20, 2007

Hey Dorks ! ,

I am so happy cos i finally got my results !!!! I went to uni to meet supipi and shanuka to speak about the reactivation about Tourism Society !

Here comes the news!!! The class list is out !! Guys and Gals I got a Second Class Lower Pass! Expectation was Second Class Upper , but happy with what i got.

Here are results of some of my friends

Ayesha / Kasuni – 2nd Upper

Supipi (My Akki ) – 2nd Upper – me and shanuka thought she would get a first class!

Raz – Ordinary Pass (SHe was dead scared she would fail)

Pri/Ruwani – 2nd Lower

Anushka / Bhadri / Anuradha – Ordinary

There was a warm welcome at home ! All ppl hugged me !!!

one third of my work is done ! Way to go man!!!

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Graduate Problem , Public Service and Attitude

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 12, 2007

A Minister has told that most of the graduates in the public service are not doing a  service worth to their salary. According to him they are just idling ..[Read the Story]

While Minister Maitripala is accusing these graduates on one side , the graduates are also demanding for “better salaries” and “positions suitable for their degree”. SLFP government provided some solution to the so called ‘graduate problem’ by absorbing them to the government service. It is questionable whether these graduates received proper training.

In my opinion the biggest issue is the ‘opinion’ of the graduates. Even after receiving their degree they think that government should ‘spoon feed’ them by providing them jobs. The popular slogan “Apata Rakiya Diyaw” is the best example for this. In my opinion most of the graduates are suffering from an inferior complexity. Due to this complexity they are hesitant to enter in to private sector which requires English proficiency and soft skills.

The “parrot” type class earners wont be able to perform at the private sector which is much more practical and pragmatic. Therefore the only available solution is entering government service. According to this article the graduates have become a liability rather than an asset.

“The Minister also said that some of them report to duty only on Wednesdays although the public office authorities have informed the government that all are efficiently employed.”

I think that a  true paradigm shift is necessary to change this situation. The education should be more practical. On the other hand the graduates should also try to cure the dependency syndrome and their inferiority complex.

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Red Cross Murders

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 6, 2007

Recent abduction and murder of the Red Cross workers is a shameless crime against humanity. What ever race they belong to they were volunteering to work for the betterment of marginalized community. What would happen if all the NGO’s working on North and East leave North and East ? The government as well the displaced people would face a great humanitarian crisis which would cause lot of suffering. I am not rejecting the fact that Red Cross has been partial and biased throughout the conflict. However no party has the right to take the life of these volunteers.

I am not pinpointing any party who is responsible for this crime. However this is a clear indication of the poor security within the colombo city. If people could be abducted within a High Security Zone like fort , what about North and East ?

These abductions would be a great scar on the MR govt if they fail to take counter measures against these groups. In the beginning there were only two fronts fighting. Today the conflict recognizes 4 major fractions : namley Prabha , Karuna , Pilleyar and GOSL. It would be extremly difficult to track down the criminals who committed this crime. I think that government should do it at any given cost to defend the image and reputation of Sri lanka.

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Sri Lankan youth policy

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 6, 2007

Sri Lankan government has introduced a youth policy. I came to know about this through Supipi. Having a youth policy is great , but drafting a national policy on youth is a gigantic task that takes time and needs lots of patience.

In my opinion i feel that this solution is too generic and needs lots of localization. Most of the highlighted issues are not the burning issues of Sri Lanka. For instance the health section of this publication speaks of Female circumcision and Teen marriages. I am not quite sure about the rate of teen marriages/pregnancy , but quite sure that circumcision is not a key problem of youth. Facilitating pregnant children’s schooling is not a key concern of this country.

According to Supipi this youth policy is a clear copy of the award winning South African Youth policy. She claims that it’s great to be influenced by the South African policy , but mere copying is not nice.

My father’s response to this document was also similar. He says that it’s essential to focus on national identity and harmony. According to him the youth are loosing the Sri Lankan identity (I am not speaking of the National and Lama Sari/Readda Hatte identity).

In my opinion we need stronger emphasis on burning issues such as unemployment ,  Conflict , digital divide and gender issues. Youth should have more power in creating the national plan. The response of Supipi will provide you a better insight.


Proposed Final Draft of the Sri Lankan policy for youth

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Indian Diplomacy over Sri Lanka

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 6, 2007

Today I went through an article about the indian hide and seek diplomacy by H. L. D. Mahindapala in Daily Mirror (URL :

In this article Mahindapala criticizes the power politics of India. Mahindapala claims that if India and US really need to end LTTE , they can do it.

“If America and India play their cards astutely and decide unambiguously to tame the Tamil Tiger terrorists (this is their description) Sri Lanka need not go anywhere.”

I totally agree with  this view. What India really did was to worsen the Sri Lankan issue rather than solving it. The examples range from  indian parrippu (Dhal)  support to the terrorists to the non corporation movement seen during last few years. Just look at their reaction to the so called LTTE  air wing. They only reacted to it when they understood that LTTE air capability became a threat to their own security. Mahindapala states that this was a regional trend , and was not restricted to Sri Lanka.

It is clear as daylight that neither Sri Lanka nor SAARC as a whole will never get off the ground as long as India plays this obstructive, destructive and prescriptive role in the region. The most constructive alternative for SAARC members is to develop economic, political and defensive mechanisms outside the Indian cage. If the non-Indian members consider it necessary they can continue to be nominal members of SAARC without tying themselves to the Indian apron strings. But they can collectively form another formidable union to meet the challenges posed by India.  “

Now Sri Lanka is seeking the support of China and Pakistan to fight terrorism. It hurts indians and they must be feeling that Sri Lanka has become a satellite state of China as happened during the period of bloc politics. R.K Narayanan , adviser to  Indian PM now claims that Sri Lanka has no need to go to China or Pak because they (indians) are ready to help Sri Lankan. I hope that Sri Lankan diplomatics and politicians understand the double standards of India.

In my opinion i think that india is scared that Sri Lanka would defeat India in terms of economic development if the conflict is over. Till their is the war india can apply high influence on Sri Lankan politics. One might call this idea immature , but somehow this idea is planted in my mind.


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