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Choc’s Operation

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 5, 2007

Hi ,

My Brother Nadee underwent a surgery last week. We (Me and Raz) call him Choc or Choca .. so now you might have understood the title of the blog ha!. It’s a complicated maxillofacial (I had to google it) Operation to change his jaw. Now malli can only drink and cant eat.. It will take2 or 3 months for him to recover.

The OP was done at a private hospital at Galle (South has developed through Mahinda Chinthana ha !!! Colombo folks have to go to Galle for Surgery) and it took 4 hours to complete the surgery.

We now feed him with drinks like milk and soup… Poor chap is suffering a lot … we have a nick name for him now.. It’s Kiri Patiya … Milk Baby …. Fortunatly the guy cant scold us cos his mouth is tied up with wires..

Have some pics of the patient after the operations … Sorry i couldnt get photos of the surgery…

Nadeesha and Chanu Before the OperationTaken to the Operation ThetreUnconciousAm I BeautifulAt Home


2 Responses to “Choc’s Operation”

  1. Nirmal said

    omg! feel sorry 4 him.. he cant eat ne aiyo.. bt i cn eat his half lol. i’l pray 4 him in my prayers 4 him to get well soon!! bye

  2. Rasanjalee said

    Hi choc,

    You’ll get well soon and then I’ll give ur tobleron. May Triple Gem Bless You.


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