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Indian Diplomacy over Sri Lanka

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 6, 2007

Today I went through an article about the indian hide and seek diplomacy by H. L. D. Mahindapala in Daily Mirror (URL :

In this article Mahindapala criticizes the power politics of India. Mahindapala claims that if India and US really need to end LTTE , they can do it.

“If America and India play their cards astutely and decide unambiguously to tame the Tamil Tiger terrorists (this is their description) Sri Lanka need not go anywhere.”

I totally agree with  this view. What India really did was to worsen the Sri Lankan issue rather than solving it. The examples range from  indian parrippu (Dhal)  support to the terrorists to the non corporation movement seen during last few years. Just look at their reaction to the so called LTTE  air wing. They only reacted to it when they understood that LTTE air capability became a threat to their own security. Mahindapala states that this was a regional trend , and was not restricted to Sri Lanka.

It is clear as daylight that neither Sri Lanka nor SAARC as a whole will never get off the ground as long as India plays this obstructive, destructive and prescriptive role in the region. The most constructive alternative for SAARC members is to develop economic, political and defensive mechanisms outside the Indian cage. If the non-Indian members consider it necessary they can continue to be nominal members of SAARC without tying themselves to the Indian apron strings. But they can collectively form another formidable union to meet the challenges posed by India.  “

Now Sri Lanka is seeking the support of China and Pakistan to fight terrorism. It hurts indians and they must be feeling that Sri Lanka has become a satellite state of China as happened during the period of bloc politics. R.K Narayanan , adviser to  Indian PM now claims that Sri Lanka has no need to go to China or Pak because they (indians) are ready to help Sri Lankan. I hope that Sri Lankan diplomatics and politicians understand the double standards of India.

In my opinion i think that india is scared that Sri Lanka would defeat India in terms of economic development if the conflict is over. Till their is the war india can apply high influence on Sri Lankan politics. One might call this idea immature , but somehow this idea is planted in my mind.



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