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Red Cross Murders

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 6, 2007

Recent abduction and murder of the Red Cross workers is a shameless crime against humanity. What ever race they belong to they were volunteering to work for the betterment of marginalized community. What would happen if all the NGO’s working on North and East leave North and East ? The government as well the displaced people would face a great humanitarian crisis which would cause lot of suffering. I am not rejecting the fact that Red Cross has been partial and biased throughout the conflict. However no party has the right to take the life of these volunteers.

I am not pinpointing any party who is responsible for this crime. However this is a clear indication of the poor security within the colombo city. If people could be abducted within a High Security Zone like fort , what about North and East ?

These abductions would be a great scar on the MR govt if they fail to take counter measures against these groups. In the beginning there were only two fronts fighting. Today the conflict recognizes 4 major fractions : namley Prabha , Karuna , Pilleyar and GOSL. It would be extremly difficult to track down the criminals who committed this crime. I think that government should do it at any given cost to defend the image and reputation of Sri lanka.


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