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Sri Lankan youth policy

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 6, 2007

Sri Lankan government has introduced a youth policy. I came to know about this through Supipi. Having a youth policy is great , but drafting a national policy on youth is a gigantic task that takes time and needs lots of patience.

In my opinion i feel that this solution is too generic and needs lots of localization. Most of the highlighted issues are not the burning issues of Sri Lanka. For instance the health section of this publication speaks of Female circumcision and Teen marriages. I am not quite sure about the rate of teen marriages/pregnancy , but quite sure that circumcision is not a key problem of youth. Facilitating pregnant children’s schooling is not a key concern of this country.

According to Supipi this youth policy is a clear copy of the award winning South African Youth policy. She claims that it’s great to be influenced by the South African policy , but mere copying is not nice.

My father’s response to this document was also similar. He says that it’s essential to focus on national identity and harmony. According to him the youth are loosing the Sri Lankan identity (I am not speaking of the National and Lama Sari/Readda Hatte identity).

In my opinion we need stronger emphasis on burning issues such as unemployment ,  Conflict , digital divide and gender issues. Youth should have more power in creating the national plan. The response of Supipi will provide you a better insight.


Proposed Final Draft of the Sri Lankan policy for youth


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