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Graduate Problem , Public Service and Attitude

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 12, 2007

A Minister has told that most of the graduates in the public service are not doing a  service worth to their salary. According to him they are just idling ..[Read the Story]

While Minister Maitripala is accusing these graduates on one side , the graduates are also demanding for “better salaries” and “positions suitable for their degree”. SLFP government provided some solution to the so called ‘graduate problem’ by absorbing them to the government service. It is questionable whether these graduates received proper training.

In my opinion the biggest issue is the ‘opinion’ of the graduates. Even after receiving their degree they think that government should ‘spoon feed’ them by providing them jobs. The popular slogan “Apata Rakiya Diyaw” is the best example for this. In my opinion most of the graduates are suffering from an inferior complexity. Due to this complexity they are hesitant to enter in to private sector which requires English proficiency and soft skills.

The “parrot” type class earners wont be able to perform at the private sector which is much more practical and pragmatic. Therefore the only available solution is entering government service. According to this article the graduates have become a liability rather than an asset.

“The Minister also said that some of them report to duty only on Wednesdays although the public office authorities have informed the government that all are efficiently employed.”

I think that a  true paradigm shift is necessary to change this situation. The education should be more practical. On the other hand the graduates should also try to cure the dependency syndrome and their inferiority complex.


2 Responses to “Graduate Problem , Public Service and Attitude”

  1. Siri Fernando said

    I am a graduate from University of Sri Lanka and have been experienced difficulties in finding employment in Sri Lanka.

    I do not blame the unemployed graduates. I think the major problem is with the education system itself and produce graduates with no practical experience. It is not reasonable to blame the government as government itself cannot solve this problem. However, government has responsibility to create comprehensive program or plan to solve this issue.

    The only way to create good jobs is to sell your goods and services to foreign countries. You do not need to be a very rich person to be in business. What you need only determination.
    English education is good but even without proper English, you can be your own employer.

  2. lankasand said

    Totally agreed Mr. Siri Fernando ! The fact is that most of the graduates wont like self employment. Most of them have the ‘ego’ problem. Go to a Sri Lankan job portal and see how many vacancies are there. Most of the graduates want all the golden eggs from their first appointment. Some universities have recognized the need of practical training. It’s unfortunate that arts graduates do not have adequate access to such programs.

    I don’t tolerate government fooling the unemployed graduates. However i don’t think that it’s government’s duty to find jobs for people.

    Thank you very much for your contribution !

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