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University Results ! The Last Results !!!!

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 20, 2007

Hey Dorks ! ,

I am so happy cos i finally got my results !!!! I went to uni to meet supipi and shanuka to speak about the reactivation about Tourism Society !

Here comes the news!!! The class list is out !! Guys and Gals I got a Second Class Lower Pass! Expectation was Second Class Upper , but happy with what i got.

Here are results of some of my friends

Ayesha / Kasuni – 2nd Upper

Supipi (My Akki ) – 2nd Upper – me and shanuka thought she would get a first class!

Raz – Ordinary Pass (SHe was dead scared she would fail)

Pri/Ruwani – 2nd Lower

Anushka / Bhadri / Anuradha – Ordinary

There was a warm welcome at home ! All ppl hugged me !!!

one third of my work is done ! Way to go man!!!


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