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University Violence – Once Again!!

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 27, 2007

Came to know that Arts students and Science faculty students have clashed and the UCSC buildings and vehicles of lecturers were damaged. A coworker of mine , an undergraduate of Science faculty informed this to me.

What a shame !!! Fighting just because a bunch of guys hooted a couple ….!!!

In the history university students fought… but for worthy causes… they fought for the rights of university students , and on broader issues which had an impact on the whole country!! Today they fight like thugs for trivial causes.

I wonder what sort of reaction the university authorities would take…. I believe that such tomfoolery should be dealt seriously. The people who damage public property should be prosecuted , be they university students or LTTE !

University students themselves complain about the deteriorating quality of the government university degree. It’s not the so called “Upadhi Kada” (Private Universities) to be blamed , but your own selves!. Through idiotic acts like this they tarnish their own image.

These comments does not apply to students of University of Moratuwa , who have continued to maintain true professionalism for several decades.


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