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Leo Camp

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 28, 2007

This is old news… But i received these pictures today .. Our Leo camp was held at Hantana , Kandy. The camp is organized with the objective of developing fellowship and amity among leo club members. The participants are grouped and these groups undertake various activities such as quizzes , treasure hunts , games and presentations. The Leo council is organizing this event. They recognize the emerging leaders through Leo camp. The camp fire is the grand finale of this camp and it’s conducted with the attendance of Lion leaders. here are some snaps of our youth camp.


The camp life is challenging. You have to get up early , do the PT and go on hiking … Some snaps from the hike…

Leos hiking A hiking team

I have taken part in most of the camps after i became a Leo. These camps allowed me to meet new friends and gain lots of experiences. Today as a leader i organize these camps. This camp was organized by Leo Vidula Hasaranga , i wish to congratulate him for organizing the first ever youth camp of district 306A2.

A camp Team
Camp team - with camouflage

We all finish the camp with great joy and memories… Here is a group photo of all the participants..

Camp group photo

If you are a Leo , please be sure to be there at the next youth camp. We have plans to organize an international youth camp with attendance of more that 5 foreign Leos.


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