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Blogging / Freedom / Governmental web sites

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 17, 2007

I found it extremely hard to access for some time. Thats why i was unable to blog for some time. Today blogging has been interpreted as freedom of “speech”. In the future e world bloggers would be a key group involved in developing public opinion. So i hope that network admins and other authorities would have to take that in to consideration in the future.

We , at Sri Lanka had to discuss about electronic media freedom when the prominent tamil news site was blocked by major ISP’s including SLT. We cant blame tamilnet , but government should have their own powerful online propaganda tool. Most of the government web sites are static , erroneous and old.

There are some exceptions such as BOI ( , but most of the web sites are monuments. I was involved in one such project (shame to speak about that one!) in development of a web portant for the ministry of tourism and agriculture of the western provincial council. It was hosted under a sub domain of and is no longer existing. The web host (e-wis) as i suppose charged 100,000 Rs and the development charges were also 100,000 Rs… (dont be envious i got only Rs 5000 for developing this ‘web portal’ == weeks of coding , proof reading and hard work valued !) by professor who knows next to nothing about IT got most of the money .. 🙂

I think that we should not create online ‘tombstones’ for government web sites. The government needs talented IT professionals who can use e-government to find solutions for the problems of people.!


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