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Being a Tamil – How might they be feeling

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 23, 2007

It was the last Monday i came to my office relatively early. (I work at WTC) . 3 tamils from somewhere have arrived early to WTC and they were requested to take seat until the offices were open. I am sure that the security felt suspicious about them and wanted them to be there till their chief office arrives.

I just pondered upon the fate of innocent tamils. They have to under go hell of trouble at everywhere due to the buffoonery of these so called “freedom fighters”. The forces have to search tamils irrespective of the fact that they are innocent and not involved in terrorism. I can well remember how my friend Thanuja reacted to this.  She said that she is used to this and they have to undergo severe checks at check points.

I belive that after the “Thoppigala” victory tamils and muslims of east will be able to enjoy the freedom. Despite the fact that Sri Lankan forces have always provided security and care for minority communities , LTTE chauvinists claim that rights of tamils are violated. I post  this picture. (A tamil extremist terrorist might claim that this is a media stunt by government – because they are brainwashed by their stupid leader. ) …If this is a stunt this might be a valuable and life risky one because this was performed at a risky border village.

forces carrying a soldier in Sri Lanka

I have tamil friends and i have no problem living with them.. I never perceive them as our ‘enemy’ nor ‘outsiders’. I am quite sure a large number of Sinhaleese youth will agree with me regarding this fact.

May we see peace in Sri Lanka soon!!!

2 Responses to “Being a Tamil – How might they be feeling”

  1. poongodai said


    I just wanted to say a few words here. I am a tamil by birth, and I was born in the U.S. My neice came from europe to get married in srilanka, and two nights before the marriage, she (along) with her mother was evicted from colombo. The marriage has now been cancelled. Anyways, It is nice to know that atleast some sinhalese people like you like tamils. Hopefully, the younger generation will understand and form a government one day and not terrorize tamils.

  2. lankasand said

    Hi Poongodai,

    Very sorry about what happened to your neice!. The Sri Lankan supreme court stopped the eviction plan but seems that it was too late when the order was taken. We know that Tamils have a problem and most of the sri lankan intellectuals believe that the problem should be sorted out through a negotiated political settlement. I can’t figure out how war would provide a solution for a complex crisis like this. It would remove the surface layer of violence , but is not a long lasting solution.

    Personally i don’t believe that terrorism is a proper alternative. I believe that terrorism should be replied in a matching manner. I am a law student and i have strong faith of human rights. One might say that human right violations are common during war.. I dont agree on that.

    Hope one day we would be able to live in a peaceful country !

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