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Campus Poetry

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on August 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

I visited UOM (University of Moratuwa) recently for a Leo club meeting. During the meeting i happened to encounter with some interesting lines of poetry composed by university undergraduates. On a literary point of view these poems are very simple , yet i consider them as powerful expressions of emotions.

Today people kill each other for simple things. For instance a boy would kill a girl because the girl did’nt loved him back. One might argue that young generation is full of emotions and it’s natural for them to behave like this. However youths should be able to channel their destructive energy to other paths , to constructive ones. Rather than being involved in ragging and other anti social activities , university students could unleash their energy towards sports or arts. That’s happening at University of Moratuwa , not at other universities.

The visits to UOM help me to recall the happy days of university life where we had unlimited freedom. University to work transition was somewhat like from freedom to boredom .. 🙂 (Joke)

Have a look at the poems written by future engineers


See the bond between the writer and university.. they consider the university to be a safe heaven where they have independence.



Open for your comments.


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Poem about the Futility of war

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on August 31, 2007

As the citizens of a war torn country we have no option rather than living with the war. The trauma , pain and suffering of war has become a part of our life. We are becoming less sensitive to war. I feel that most sri lankans are not moved by the daily killings taking place in the country. It’s ironical that the Sinhalese people massacred tamils for the killing of 17 (?) soldiers… Today 10 , 15 would be the average daily death toll. What about the LTTE ? Arnt they our brothers , fellow Sri Lankans dying …

I found this interesting poem about the the war titled “poem from an American war veterans wife : Words Not Spoken, Truths Untold” by Claudia Whitehead McCoy. This poem could be a foreign one , but the experience is universal to each country which is having a conflict.

Words Not Spoken, Truths Untold


My Grandfather never spoke

Of the Great War.

Instead he told of dancing

With French peasant girls.

Sometimes I wanted to dance

With my Grandfather,

But he had left his legs

In a foxhole in Belgium.



My Father never spoke

Of World War II.

Instead he told of

Telling stories around a campfire

On Guadalcanal.

Sometimes late at night

A dozen years later,

He would scream and writhe in pain

With the Malaria

He couldn’t leave in the Pacific.



My cousin never spoke

Of the Korean Conflict.

Instead he told

Us how much our letters meant

In that cold forgotten place.

Sometimes I would like to write

To him again, but

The telegram forgot to mention

The zip code for someone killed in action.



My husband never speaks Of Vietnam,

Instead he tells me

How beautiful the flowers were.

Sometimes in July

When fireworks crack and sparkle

He cowers in a closet,

Holding his head

And calling out,”Incoming! Incoming!”



Do I speak to my children

Of wars gone and those yet to be?

I can’t begin to know

The horror or the exhilaration.

I’ve never been there.

But sometimes I tell them

Of Peace and the price

That some have paid

For this illusive gift.



And if I never spoke

Of war?

How would they understand

About honor, courage and patriotism?

But sometimes I have to tell them

About greed, power and carelessness.

Because war isn’t always what it’s said to be,

And God isn’t always on our side.



Claudia Whitehead McCoy


THanks goes to Gehan for sharing this poem with us!

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Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on August 30, 2007

Dear Friends ,

I got an opportunity to participate in the 8th ICAPP (International Conference on AIDS in ASIA and the Pasific) held in Sri Lanka as a volunteer. View ICAPP Web Site I was not able to participate at the conference for all three days , but was able to help them for one day.

My Akki Supipi invited me to take part. Her NGO played a key role in organizing this conference. Large number of delegates representing various Asian and pacific nations took part in this conference. I assisted the registration of the participants. I was assigned to update a blog of the conference , however unfortunately was not able to do that.

Even through i am not ac AIDS activist , i understood the gravity of the AIDS after participating in this conference. Also i understood that large amount of people are actively fighting to curb this disease. Some of the activists were HIV infected and they shared how they are fighting the disease in their countries. They stressed the need of a global alliance and regional level collaboration to fight HIV/AIDS.

I was able to participate in two session , Policy and advocacy for change and ICT for greater regional
collaboration in responding to HIV/AIDS.

I am determine to start my own HIV/AIDS awareness campaign as a Leo member. Already i have asked my Leo club to start an e mail campaign on HIV/AIDS. Inuru Illeperuma , president of our Leo club would start that project. On the other hand leos of Moragahahena , Piliyandala and Bokundara promised to help me in starting an HIV awareness campaign.

A youth leader from Pakistan conducting a workshop

A participant from Pakistan conducting a workshop

Afghan Doctor speaking

The Opening ceremony of ARYF – Sri Lankan Cricket captain Mahela Jayawardana took part as the cheief guest

Opening ARYF

Supipi and a friend busy at work

My Akki Busy at work

Registration Table

This is where i worked

Finally i would say that i saw a very interesting slogan at this conference. It’s


Be Faithful

use a Condom !

The participants called that ABC’s of HIV prevention. So i ask all of you to follow the ABC’s. I should also thank my akki – Supipi for inviting me to take part in this conference.


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