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Campus Poetry

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on August 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

I visited UOM (University of Moratuwa) recently for a Leo club meeting. During the meeting i happened to encounter with some interesting lines of poetry composed by university undergraduates. On a literary point of view these poems are very simple , yet i consider them as powerful expressions of emotions.

Today people kill each other for simple things. For instance a boy would kill a girl because the girl did’nt loved him back. One might argue that young generation is full of emotions and it’s natural for them to behave like this. However youths should be able to channel their destructive energy to other paths , to constructive ones. Rather than being involved in ragging and other anti social activities , university students could unleash their energy towards sports or arts. That’s happening at University of Moratuwa , not at other universities.

The visits to UOM help me to recall the happy days of university life where we had unlimited freedom. University to work transition was somewhat like from freedom to boredom .. 🙂 (Joke)

Have a look at the poems written by future engineers


See the bond between the writer and university.. they consider the university to be a safe heaven where they have independence.



Open for your comments.


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