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Best Leo Couples

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on September 4, 2007

Dear All,

This post is about the best couples i have met in Leoism.

The undoubted first place goes to the Baila King and Netball Queen 🙂

Shehan and Dhashanthi

This king and queen reigned Leo district 306A and 306A1 respectively and would be the second couple to be the district presidents. Lion Shyana and Lion Kanchana would be the firth duo to be so. Shehan and Dhashanthi would always be there for any leo. This duo initiated the Leo District 306A2 amidst various challenges. We would soon witness their marriage and we hope that they would continue their support towards the development of leoism. Both Shehan and Dhashanthi are our good friends.

This duo is silent … but very famous among leos of 306A2. Next in Line ….. Vidula and Sumudhu

Vidula and Sumudu

ther they have been helping the Leos of 306A2. Both Sumudu and Vidula holds important positions in Leo district 306A2. Vidula is the Director , District contest and Sumudu is the District Secretary. This duo met each other at university of Moratuwa and there were nice tales about this couple at the camp fire of Leo camp 2007. 🙂 .. Hope camp participants would remember those tales…I wish them all the very best….

Third couple …. but the most famous ….. meet Leo Chamitha and Leo Nirmali … 🙂 ..

Chaa and Nirmali

I think that poloskottoruwa should get the credit of providing publicity (and mada) related to this duo.. I came to know that they are celebrating their first anniversary 🙂 Congrats – Chaa mitha and Nirmali ….. I wish you two all the very best ….

Old , but bold couple , the first duo to be the district presidents in Leo history….Meet Lion Shyana and Lion Kanchana wijayarathna !!

Shyana and Kanchana

This couple has been there in leoism as leos , district presidents (Kanchana also became a multiple president) and District Chairpersons for Leos… I am specially thankful to Lion Shyana for introducing me to Leo council… it’s something that changed my life…

Not forgetting the newlyweds .. Meet Ranga and Natali…

Ranga and natali

This lucky couple wedded on 7/7/7  … Leo Ranga and Natali are active Leos of Leo Club of Colombo Millennium and have been actively involved in Leoism of the district…

Any more couples to be added ? Please comment….


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  1. Nadee said

    Cool article… Itz very interesting !!!
    Today only i visited your blog…
    All the best !!!

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