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Another Bloody Attack from LTTE

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 22, 2007

The LTTE has launched an attack on the Anuradhapura air base. After their heavy defeats on east they are trying to show that they still have power to wreck havoc in south. The recent attack at Yala and todays attack shows the king butcher’s stratergy. He wants to divert the attention of our forces from North and start his evil war machine again.

Over the radio i heard some people showing the dissatisfaction over the inability to drop down the LTTE planes. In a war situation such things could happen. However we should not undermine these attacks. It was heard that few days ago a newspaper has stated that our radars are not working. The authorities should have looked in to that and fixed that.

Except the 9/11 thing terrotists have never used aeroplanes. This risk should be managed and i think that bringning down the two planes should become one of our key priorities.


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I installed Ubuntu ! I Enjoy it !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 22, 2007

Finally i am saying good bye to the slow crashing windows XP and joining the open source revolution ! Now i am on latest ubuntu desktop “Feisty Fawn”. Wow ! What can i say … this is wonderful !

Last time i was using Red hat linux and i had to connect to internet with a Winmodem. The inability to connect to the internet discouraged me. This time things have changed. I am using an ADSL connection and i could very easily download the Ubuntu ISO and install it in my machine. No installation problems (Thanks to the Linux installation class of Systems and Network Administration). Everything works fine here. You can easily find any utility (E.g CD Writing , Archives , Security and System Monitoring ..) at the forums.

I got an amazing response from my brothers. They have been hardcore windows users since they started using computers. However they have well adapted to ubuntu and my younger brother is really impressed about the performance boost it has given. Finally I am becoming a FOSS man.

Initially i was worried cos the installation did not had the necesasry tools (E.g CD Writing / Video Editing). My lovly browser firefox and Evolution mail is good companions and allows me to have an awsome internet experience. Well Open Office is also useful but still i dont feel that it has the power and user friendly features of Office XP.

Ubuntu Logo

However through the excellent forums i have found nice open source apps to complement the windows applications. In addition Vmware allows me to run windows on linux desktop. In addition i am exploring the other possibilities such as wine which allows me to load windows apps on linux. It has not given perfect results but i have loaded some win32 programs under linux using wine.

Still i am struggling to setup networking using Samba. My windows machine upstare is quite hesitatnt to accept the linux box. Hope i will be able to enable printing and networking on linux. (I want to install linux on the other one also … but scared how my father would like that )

Well …. I enjoy linux … how about you ? You would here more about my linux experience later !

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Court rejects CBK’s appeal against curtailing her privileges

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 11, 2007

 CBK Image

After failing all her attempts to save her ‘executive’ rights CBK has gone to court and Appeal court has given the correct decision. It’s ironic to see CBK who came to power claiming the she would cancel the executive presidency pleasing for her own rights. Her mean language to call Basil Rajapaksa a “low class bastard from Hambanthota”    shows the mean state she has fallen in to. ( I Don’t favour nor appriciate Rajapakse politics … specially appointing Basil to Parliament)

The Appeal court has requested the Presidential secretary to give her the due privileges under the President’s privilege act.

This story shows the mean nature of politics. Politicians crave for power and want the same power after they leave theie posts !! I wonder whether this is the same with other countries. I came to know that Abdul Kalam left his residence carrying only a suitcase.

When will we have leaders Like Kalam in Sri Lanka ?

Open For your comments !!!!

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Police Assaults Unemployed Graduate demonstration

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 10, 2007

Unconcious protester assisted by WPC’s

After nearly one day’s havoc police used tear gas to end up the road blockade organized by unemployed “Tharuna Aruna” graduates. I look at this scenario with mixed feelings. My initial reaction was anger. I was directly affected by this ‘demonstration’ and had to walk to pettah from WTC (thats not a big deal… after all that was a good change..)…

However i saw thousands of people were affected by the guerrilla demonstration of these graduates. As i have commented i dont like to see the youth of country being manipulated and fooled by the politicians. However these folks could have become smarter. They blocked the Colombo Fort causing inconvenience to the general public who have paid their education by the means of tax.

combo pics

I know the hardships of graduates. Most of them are from rural areas and they complete the university degree with high hopes of a fruitful future. Instead of the promised future their lives become more and more difficult.It’s these hard life conditions force them to violate the law and order of the country.These youths have taken a great risk. Since police has obtained a court order regarding this they had no escape.

I think that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa should take some action to solve this problem. It’s People’s alliance who gave jobs to the large number of unemployed graduates ignoring the prevailing economic problems. I think government shuld have some responsibility , however government is NOT the only respondent to this problem. The private sector should also look in to these problem.

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