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Police Assaults Unemployed Graduate demonstration

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 10, 2007

Unconcious protester assisted by WPC’s

After nearly one day’s havoc police used tear gas to end up the road blockade organized by unemployed “Tharuna Aruna” graduates. I look at this scenario with mixed feelings. My initial reaction was anger. I was directly affected by this ‘demonstration’ and had to walk to pettah from WTC (thats not a big deal… after all that was a good change..)…

However i saw thousands of people were affected by the guerrilla demonstration of these graduates. As i have commented i dont like to see the youth of country being manipulated and fooled by the politicians. However these folks could have become smarter. They blocked the Colombo Fort causing inconvenience to the general public who have paid their education by the means of tax.

combo pics

I know the hardships of graduates. Most of them are from rural areas and they complete the university degree with high hopes of a fruitful future. Instead of the promised future their lives become more and more difficult.It’s these hard life conditions force them to violate the law and order of the country.These youths have taken a great risk. Since police has obtained a court order regarding this they had no escape.

I think that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa should take some action to solve this problem. It’s People’s alliance who gave jobs to the large number of unemployed graduates ignoring the prevailing economic problems. I think government shuld have some responsibility , however government is NOT the only respondent to this problem. The private sector should also look in to these problem.


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