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Sinhala nation has killed our dove of peace ! Claims the terrorist leader !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on November 10, 2007

‘Sinhala nation has killed our dove of peace’ – LTTE Leader Pirapaharan

[TamilNet, Saturday, 03 November 2007, 17:08 GMT]
The Sinhala nation has taken the life of a political leader “deeply loved by the Tamil speaking world” and “greatly respected by the international community,” said Velupillai Pirapaharan, the leader of Liberation Tigers, in a message to the Tamil people on Saturday, following the demise of LTTE’s Political Head and Chief Negotiator, Brigadier S. P. Thamilchelvan. “I raised him as a great commander, an unparalleled political head, a diplomat who communicated with the entire world, and a skilled negotiator,” Mr. Pirapaharan said. “Buried within his beautiful smile, I recognized, right from the beginning, a thousand profound meanings, his abilities, and his leadership qualities.”

The “leadership qualities” Mr. Praba must be speaking of might be his military leadership.. in case of peace negotiations he was a sabatour who foiled all attempts to bring peace to Sri Lanka. How ironic ! A killer calling another killer a ‘dove of peace’.

His sinister ‘diplomacy’ is a shame to all the true diplomats who are committed to peace.

The suitable title for Mr.Pirapaharan , the ruthless murderer who has killed thousands … is a “chicken of war” ..

See the profile of the so called ‘peace dove’


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