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Tamil Selvan Assasination and hipocrasy of pro LTTE media

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on November 10, 2007

The death of Tamil selvan has shocked the LTTE terrorist supporters all over the world. The pro LTTE web site claims

“Last week Sinhalese reveled in Mr. Tamilselvan’s assassination. Traditional drums were played in the street. Parties were organized at home. Some Buddhist temples held all night celebrations. For any Sinhalese who genuinely desires a negotiated solution, the killing of the other side’s top diplomat should have been deeply worrying and regrettable. But very few in the south feel this way, something the Tamils need to bear in mind as they make their way in the time to come. For decades, when faced with violence and brutality by a Colombo government, many Tamils have rushed to the feet of the Sinhala opposition, voting it into power in a laughably futile effort to end their suffering, if only for a while. They have chased after the SLFP and UNP in turn, insisting, despite the evidence of their past suffering, that this time round it would be different.”

The funny part is the “killing the top diplomat of the other side” ! These war loving peace angels claim that Tamil Selvan was their “top negotiator” ! .. Then who was Hon. Lakshman Kadiragamar ? …. he was a world renowned diplomat recognized at UN and all the international summits. The pro LTTE media and LTTE supporters are displaying their own nakedness by comments like this. These statements might fool the people who don’t know anything about this war… but not the people who have studied the conflict.If he was a true negotiator what was he doing as a Poonerin military wing leader ??

Any rational being would understand the irrational nature of these comments. May god bless your ‘supreme murderer’ who is now killing innocent sinhalese in south to divert the attention of our forces.


One Response to “Tamil Selvan Assasination and hipocrasy of pro LTTE media”

  1. griffin said

    You stupid… what you are speaking.
    I was not knowing about LTTE earlier. If srilanka wants peace, then why they went for air-strike?

    stupid stop blogging fake news..

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