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Tiger Sucide Bombs … the truth …

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on November 30, 2007

The blood thirsty tigers have once again attacked the civilians who has no link with the Sri Lankan military. They have deliberatly aimed the Nugegoda bomb strike on civilians on a busy town. Their cowardice was exposed from this attacked where they took the lives of innocent civilians who had nothing to do with LTTE.

Most of the victims were children and women. The terrorist supporters including TNA question the GOSL why dont they comment on the attack on the deaths of school children at Killinochchi. The Sri Lankan army has denied this charge and they have pointed out that this could be another ploy of LTTE propaganda to discredit army. As a responsible state bound by international legistlation Sri Lankan forces would never target the civilian settlements in their attacks. It’s LTTE who locate civilians near military targets by force. (This was evident in Sampur).

It’s LTTE who attacked sleeping children and hacked them to death , not Sri Lankan forces. It’s LTTE who killed the tamil intellectuals including Neelan Thiruchelvam and Kadiragamar. It’s LTTE who are recruiting child soldiers.

There is only one way to stop violence -> Eradicate LTTE , Bring a political solution to the ethnic conflict. A bloodthirsty moron force cant be the sole representative of tamil community.  


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