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Another morning in a war riddled country

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 6, 2007

It’s early in the morning. Birds cry , what a wonderful morning ,

My Phone beeps , a news alert

Says “Claymore explosion in Kebitigollawe, 15 civilians killed”,

Can’t enjoy the day anymore …..

Mothers , Fathers , brothers and children innocent ,

Pay for the sins of the leaders misled ,

Bleed , Bleed poor country ……

A Father with the body of the death child who died from Kebethigollewa attack by LTTE terrorists.

A father who mourns the death of his child who died from Kebethigollewa bomb attack by LTTE

This is my first reaction to the bomb explosion at Abimangama , Kebithigollewa . This is the second bomb exploded in this vicinity and both bombed were the work of brutal terrorists of LTTE , the butchers who target innocent unarmed civilians. The world powers including America and other states should support Sri Lankan government to curb terrorism. Pirabakaran , the butcher , the leader of this barbaric terrorist group should be brought to international courts and executed for his crimes against humanity.

True ‘freedom fighters’ would never target civilians. LTTE is a terrorist outfit and not a freedom fighting movement.

The government should continue the attacks on LTTE till they stop these barbaric and inhuman actions. I dont like war , but i feel that it’s the only alternative to stop a barbarian force who are not willing to solve their problems through negotiation and discussion.


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Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 5, 2007

Right after seeing the flex features i wanted to use it. However i had one problem. No editor for flex. Even though Flex SDK is offered free of charge the flex builder remains a luxury (for those folks in developing countries like ours)… At that movement i found this wonderful editor which supports not only flex but many other formats.  If you are a flex guy with a empty pocket here is your solution !!!!

I Love FD 3 !!!! You can also fall in love … spread the word about this wonderful tool !

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Poll: Is Murali’s action legal?

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 5, 2007

Sri Lankan spin legend Murali broke Shane Warne’s record recently. As Sri Lankans it’s a great achivement for us and we are proud of this Sri Lankan son who brought fame to our small island. Almost all the people except Australians are concerned about his action and they are still not accept that his action is legal.

Australian Paper Herald Sun has started a poll to see whether Murali is a Chucker or not ! Dear Sri Lankans , Vote for Him !,21985,22866776-11088,00.html

He is not a chucker and Murali would reach the 1000 wicket mark despite the racist comments of aussies.


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Nugegoda Bomb Blast

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 4, 2007

The LTTE has demonstrated it’s thurst of civilian blood once again in the bomb targetting civilians at Nugegoda. This attack had a huge personal impact on me because i live quite closer to Nugegoda. The attack was launched at a busy hour where a large number of school children attending classes are returning home. International community should condemn such attacks and should support Sri Lanka to eradicate terrorism. So called peace lovers would say that no one has solved an ethnic conflict through war … but we should not forget that we are fighting a misled force led by a deadly maniac called pirabakaran. The Nugegoda attack was to celebrate his birthday.

As Hon. MP Wimal Weerawansa has pointed out the year 2008 should be named the year against terrorism. All the people should unite to defeat terrorism. We will have to make sacrifices , but this problem should not be transferred to the future generation of this country.

Nugegoda Bomb Attack – Footage

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