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Poll: Is Murali’s action legal?

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 5, 2007

Sri Lankan spin legend Murali broke Shane Warne’s record recently. As Sri Lankans it’s a great achivement for us and we are proud of this Sri Lankan son who brought fame to our small island. Almost all the people except Australians are concerned about his action and they are still not accept that his action is legal.

Australian Paper Herald Sun has started a poll to see whether Murali is a Chucker or not ! Dear Sri Lankans , Vote for Him !,21985,22866776-11088,00.html

He is not a chucker and Murali would reach the 1000 wicket mark despite the racist comments of aussies.



3 Responses to “Poll: Is Murali’s action legal?”

  1. Ottayan said

    I agree, but I think 1000 wickets is improbable given that Murali has only 25 Tests to play untill the 2011 WC.

    However, best of luck to him.

  2. he is not a pride to your nation , but he is a pride to whole subcontinent , he is a true legend!

  3. cricket J.G said

    murali is a chucker. i can easliy prove it coz i can bowl normal off-spin and keep a straight arm but when ibowl unorthodox off-spin like murali using the wrist it is impossible to keep your arm straight. i don’t have a deformity in my arm or anything like that i’m just a normal person and i’m not racist or anything like that, i think ajanta mendis is a great bowler, the only reason i dislike murali is because he does chuck the ball not because of the colour of his skin e.t.c. HE DOES CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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