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Maheswaran assasination and Government

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 3, 2008

Irrespective of my political stand point i would like to state that it would be really difficult for the government to avoid the backlash of the Mahesvaran killing. Weeks before the assasination government reduced the security of Mahesvaran because he voted against the budget. Hon. T Maheswaran has stated this in an interview of Shakthi TV and the interview was quoted by Sirasa TV.

Maheswaran was always unpopular among Sinhalese and many fractions called him a terrorist sympathizer  after the fact that he used one of ships to bring air craft parts. (This allegation was not proven , and Maheswaran was not punished for this as i can remember)

Beside his view point and political standpoint or race , i denounce the brutal assassination of him. He was a parliamentary representative who worked for the betterment of Tamil people. By loosing such people tamils loose their representation in parliament. In my opinion it’s an indirect push towards terrorism.

As per the investigations (Opposition would deny this) it’s LTTE who is behind the killing. Since the killer himself was apprehended government might be having solid proof to show that it’s the work of LTTE.

Let’s protect the representatives of Tamil people. Please remember that “All Tamils are not terrorists” and they have their own rights.


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