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Mervyn Silva , the Royal Jestor !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 3, 2008

The Thug Minister

Ma Ra Win the Thug Minister

Now everyone is aware of the real Mervin after his “show” at SLRC. He would have thought that his goons will be able to overrun SLRC. However the collective attempt of the SLRC employees prevented him from making a scene and escape. His goons and the Dr. Mervyn was imprisoned for nearly four hours and this drama was receiving huge attention of media.

In my opinion it’s the Hon. President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse who should take the total responsibility for the action of this ‘royal jestor’. He has been continuously demonstrating his thuggery and i wonder why Mr. MR is tolerating all these nonsense. The national list is supposed to be used for introducing intellectuals to the parliament and not to bring goons and drug dealers in to the parliament.

Angering the free media would mark the beginning of the fall of any government. All the governments who tried to control and manipulate media have learned this the hard way. Is Mahinda ready to risk his political future (if he is having a one) because of this royal clown and his stupid son ?

The whole nation is watching the response of the government regarding this bullish act. If no action is taken it would let the people infer that Mervyn is the de facto minister of Thug Corporation of the Rajapaksha government. (This is already a public secret).


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