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Abolition of the Case Fire Agreement by Sri Lankan Government

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 4, 2008

The Cabinet has decided to end of six year cease fire agreement signed between LTTE and GOSL.  Already the Prime Minister has been entrusted with the duty of communicating this to the facilitator , the Royal Norwegian Government.

Even though it was in force it was only a nominal document. LTTE continued is covert operations and we lost some of the leading political and military figures during the so called Cease Fire.  Lakshman Kadiragamar , a key negotiator , Parami Kulatunga , a military leader , Major Tuan Mutalif are some of the key feagures. It’s noteworthy that Sri Lankan government did not officialy enter in to any confrontation till the attempt on the Army Commander.

After that virtually there was no cease fire agreement. Both parties entered in to active combat and GOSL military forces were able to wipe our terrorists from the eastern province. During the case fire both parties lost key figures and Thamil Selvan , who is called a negotiator / political head of LTTE (he is also a military leader of LTTE) is a key loss to LTTE. At the same time Sri Lankan naval forces were able to sink many vessels of LTTE which were involved in arms smuggling.

According to the statistics of Sri Lankan army LTTE has violated the agreement more than 7000 times. At the same time Sri Lankan Government were accused of using para military forces against LTTE. On the other hand mass human rights violation charges tarnished the GOSL image in international arena.

What would the aftermath look like. Well , in my opinion it would not make a big difference regarding the local political scenario. Mahinda Rajapaksa regime would continue the military operations and they no longer have to use the term “Humanitarian Operation”. Mahinda will receive the support of JVP and JHU who strongly wanted to abolish the Cease Fire Agreement. Similarly Prabakaran and his blood thirsty maniacs will continue their ware fare and send more sucide bombs to Colombo like the one on No Limit Shopping Store in Nugegoda , a soft civilian target. He will continue to kill his political opponents similar to his attempts to kill Gotabhaya Rajapaksa , the defence secretary and Duglas Devananda , the EPDP leader.

Sri Lanka will face heavy pressure in international arena. Already Sri Lanaka is facing pressure from USA and UN. GOSL will have to face the risk of being internationally isolated.

Speaking about the general public , majority of the Sinhalese community feel that cease fire should be abolished , not because they don’t like peace , but it has become a meaningless document which is not in force. I don’t have access to tamil opinion (specially the opinion of those who live under terrorists ) regarding this. (Hope that it won’t make a difference for them).

2008 will be a decisive year for Sri Lanka. It’s facing many challenges. Amidst the international pressure and hostile economic conditions including inflation and increasing commodity prices rajapaksa regime pledge to capture Killinochchi. They have named this year an “year of determination”. It’s heard that they are planning to introduce a parallel political solution based on devolution of power (not confirmed) and it’s interesting to hear the political response to such a solution.

Being a person traveling on Colombo roads (without the bulletproof BMW’s and Escort vehicles) i will also be affected from the end of cease fire because Mr. Prabakaran will try to plant more bombs and send more brain washed suicide carders to our capital.


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