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Sacking Wimal – a rift in JVP ?

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 9, 2008

Despite their black history , JVP managed to win the confidence of voters. Gradually they managed to increase the number of their seats. With the increasing number of seats they gained more negotiating power. Now their seems to be a split in the party. The press conference held yester bears proof.

Mr. Weerawansa’s speech was an emotional one and he is the only charismatic leader found within the JVP. I have personally observed within my university that most of the JVP carders are suffering from some sort of “inferiority complex”. I am not sure whether this is a universal attribute. However it seems that old Somawansa and the crew were unable to tolerate the popularity of Mr. Weerawansa. His good looks and excellent oratory skills keep him ahead of other JVP’ers.

We have been hearing personal attacks on wimal (about his phone , hair style , etc). As wimal pointed out in his speech all these acts are parts of a conspiracy against him. If you have read Nandana Gunathilaka’s article on Sunday Divayina you would be able to learn more about the conspiracy against Wimal. Nandana claims that there is a conspiracy (he doesn’t give out names , but it’s obvious whom he points his finger).

Wimal Weerawansa has been a hardcore JVP activist and today he is politically “assassinated” as he is claiming. It’s the UNP and other anti national forces who would get the advantage of this rift. Will Mahinda benifit from this ? I dont think so. He would get a stratergic advantage , a short term one.


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