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Open Office :: Bye Bye

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on August 18, 2008

Dear Friends ,

It’s very sad i had to say good bye to Open Office. I wanted to  use open office giving up MS Office suite which i have been using from the date i learned computing.

The very first day i started getting an error which says “read only contents cannot be modified. No modifications will be accepted”. (see the image below)

Error occured on Open office

Error occurred on Open office

This error message is not user friendly and is not directing me towards any support. Online forums increased my frustration. This is what i found on Open Office Forum. One user says

i feel your pain… I have a couple hundred MS Office licenses that are coming up for renewal. OOo is so close, but there are still a few deal breakers. Hopefully a bunch of the annoying “features” are worked out for the next release.

If any one have a clue on sorting this error please let me know. This is OO 2.4.


2 Responses to “Open Office :: Bye Bye”

  1. deeps said

    now im using 3. it is problem as far as im concerned

  2. thanks for the comment. Now I am using Oo on Ubuntu and i have not seen this error there. Officially we are forced to use MS Word and at home i use Oo on ubuntu . Therefore actually i have not said bye to Open Office 🙂 … Should write a post saying “Open Office Rocks”!

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