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Alas ! Why are these tamil actors in hunger ?

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on November 17, 2008

Thambi , why are you worrying about the tamils of Sri Lanka ? We Sri Lankans will sort our problems by ourselves. Saw that you have had a fast yesterday for the tamils of Sri Lanka.

Thambi , if you are really concerned about Sri Lankan tamils suffering at Killinochchi and Mulathiv why dont you just tell Prabakaran , the terror chief to let the tamil civilians come to government held areas ?

By the way are all rights of tamils and non tamil are 100% protected in India ? I just wanted to ask so because you are intervening in to the problems of Sri Lanka , which is a soverign nation.

Came to know that you recently tried to poke your finger in to a malasian issue and was ridiculed. What a shame thambi !

Let’s see your concern about the welfare of citizens of mother india.

Why have you sidelined the harijans from the aid programs when they were affected from 2008 september floods ?

Why are you discriminating dalits , labeling them as low casts ?

Why are Dalit women being gang raped ? Is it a past time for you all ?

Dont try to fool the central government by showing bogus concern about things you are clueless !

Your hunger strikes are in vain ! Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese , tamils , muslims and burgers. Sri Lanka belongs to Sri lankans.

The terrorism menance affecting sri lanka was a brainchild of india itself. We will soon iradicate terror from our motherland. Dont try to make a false scene and intervene in to our issues,

Sri lanka is not a feeble state anymore. Sri lanka is a part of the global village. States like China , Russia are investing within our nation. If you try to poke your finger to Sri Lanka states like Russia and China will not remain silent. They will take action to protect their assets.

We know that India want to police the South Asia region. So they are trying to manipulate Sri Lanka. Best alternative for this poiwer greed is to give a part of Hambanthota harbor to a Russian naval base.

Thambi , do you know that India want to apply for permanant membership of UN security council ? Arent India ashamed ? Karunanidi , the terror supporter is a minister of a nation who wants to be a member of security council. How funny !!! If india comes to UN security council whole world will be screwed for sure.

Thambi , my advise for you is to practice what you know. Act at films , according to the scripts of your directors. Please dont act according to the scripts of malicious ministers who are LTTE puppets.

This is a translation of a blog entry at – written by Chandima Gunasekara


8 Responses to “Alas ! Why are these tamil actors in hunger ?”

  1. Brilliant and Thanx 🙂

  2. lankasand said

    Thanks Chandima , added your information to the bottom of the post. Sorry about the delay. 🙂

  3. Usha said


  4. apelogic said

    Popular ignorance! That’s all I have to say about Indians, (the majority)

  5. Ramesh said

    Thambi Very soon u all understand the real

  6. Ramesh said

    Thanbi Chandima Gunasekara very soon u all get screw from us

  7. mani1987 said

    i do agree that tamils in india has no power. But without india the war in sri lanka woudnt have come so far. Russia aint doing much. It is all china. But still it dosent solve the problem in sri lanka that has been there for the past 60 years. SLA bombing hospital after hospital can not be ignored. As same as we here that ltte is holding tamils as a human sheild. But what more can we expect from a seperate organization.

    Today i think everyone can agree that only a federal state can solve these problems.

    Have you seen the channel 4 report by the way?

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