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Google having problems

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 31, 2009

Just found out that google is having a glitch. All the search results are displaying the following message.

“This site is harmful to your computer”

According to my knowledge this was a protection mechanism to protect us entering to harmful sites such as phishing,malware and spaming. Today google displays the same message for all the web pages.


This reminds me of the last week outage. is a CRM suite used by few and unavailability for virtually stopped some business. Google has millions of concurrent users. According to messages on Twitter this seems world wide.

A Sri Lankn Twitter user Malinthie is telling “is worried. sth wrong with google search :O”

Some people are quite cynical. Here are some tweets on google malware warning.

Admiring Google’s April Fool prank. Shame they’re 2 months early

“Google Flags Whole Internet As Malware” seem like the title of an article on The Onion?

This is interesting to watch as google is a service accessed by millions of users. I am wondering what the reason. What could it be . A Cyber attack ? Software Bug ? Lets wait and see.

These could be future technical issues. Now the world is going to depend on cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture and Saas. Failure of network services will have a huge impact and it would be far more different from a web site being “down”.


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Exploiting the war

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 31, 2009

Every one does it every where. I am sick of hearing this. Last week i had to get a bus from Pettah. Had to get down near Gunasena bus stop and walk to 120 bus halt. Many street vendords were selling calendars. Selling a calendar is ok , but now all the calendars are full of war heros. I am sure that not a dime of this money is going to the war heros, their families or the victims of the LTTE bus bombs.

They were simply exploiting the war. If the cricket team wins the world cup they will sell the cricket team. Even the war is only another event for them.

It did not end there. I walked over those CD and DVD parlors which are infamous for their selling of porn. Now they have a new market. Selling the war videos. All of them have suddenly got patritic and they sell DVD’s and VCDs. More marketing of the war. Needless to say that these stuff are not copyrighted.

I went mad when another bugger got on to my bus saying (Mahaththaya , ganna Kilinochchiye satane video , Prabakaran ge camp eka balanna , Alimankada , Kilinochchi wala pinthura mulu pawula ekka ekata indagena balanna). Sir , watch the videos of Elephant pass , Kilinochchi , see the bunker of Prabakaran , etc. Protesting to this thug looking man at Pettah is not quite sensible. So i just thought of sharing my views here in this blog.

Idda has also written about a similar experience here.

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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 : Shall we form a team ?

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 31, 2009

Dear All ,

I received an email from announcing the imagine cup 2009. Last year also i wanted to be there at this tournament but failed to do so. This time the competition is centered on an interesting topic – MDG (Millennium Development Goals). This competition inspires students to create solutions to tackle the millennium development goals.

I am pretty interested on the mashup competition. It allows you to use the latest mashup flatform of windows named It requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed. I played with it at my office using my XP box , however here at my home i have an ubuntu box. There is a ubuntu alternative for Silverlight named Moonlight. Hope i will be able to use that.

  • Visit web site
  • Find more information about other contests from here. (There are many other contests. Software Design , Short Films , Photography, etc)
  • Read the contest guidelines

If anyone is interested in forming a team for imagine cup please let me know. (Simply comment to this post) That would be an honor to our country and if we win the competition we get big $$$$$ .

Best of luck if you are participating. This could be a good chance for you!

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In protest !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 25, 2009

I today came across the most insulting blog post i have ever read. I honor the right to dissent and to oppose war. However this blog post is a real insult to all the soldiers who fight to the freedom and territorial sovereignty.

Read the Post

I don’t want to give free publicity to traitors like this. However i am extremely angry about this post.

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How Viagra Spam works

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 24, 2009

Found this interesting diagram which tells how infamous Viagra mail works.I first thought that Viagra mail are all nonsense and useless. However fascinating to find out that it really sells. I receive nearly two hundreds of these mail per week for my office address. Now i am kinda expert of Viagra marketing , promotion and distribution. Recently i found that viagra is having some fancy usages. It’s used for battlefield performance enhancement and to get information (bribe) from Afghan warlords .

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How to increase your spam load !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 24, 2009

You come to office and check email. Mail program prompts “You have no new mail”. You feel very sorry. You feel like isolated in the cyber world.What should you do ? Here are some tips to increase your spam count.

  1. Enter your official email address in all porn mail lists . (No need to worry to enter everywhere. Just give it to one and they will share it with others.) If you see a text box named named “Enter your email address” or something dont ever read the privacy policy just type your email address there !
  2. JUst forward all the email you receive to your unknown friends in Uganda , Russia or elsewhere without deleting your email address on top of the mail.
  3. Post your email address on public forums and anywhere those spam guys or spam bots could see.
  4. Enter the airtel email promotion by sending a carbon copy to the airtel company with gmail email address. (Why cant airtel use gmail ? They can . Do they have to use official email always ! If someone warns you that this is spam scold them saying that they are jealous of you winning the big prize.

Any other ways of increasing spam mail ? Hey share them now !!

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How i fight spam

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 24, 2009

Well , I don’t get much spam on my personal mail boxes as google handles all the dirty work of spam filtering. Thanks a ton google for that ! My office mail is receiving tons of spam. We have a broadcast address (for sales / inquiries) and spam bots have harvested our email addresses. (Or may be an unhappy employee did that after he left the company.) Therefore we receive loads of information about Viagra , Erectile dysfunction and other bull shit. Most of my fellow workers as using the celebrated “delete” mechanism. However i thought of being a bit different.

Here is what i did

1. Installed K9 spam filter

This page will have detailed instructions on installation.

What k9 will do is to collect the statistics about the mails you receive. It will understand the good and bad keywords in the mail. For instance when i classify a mail spam it will rank all the keywords and ultimatly it will find out the spam words.

2. Configured Outlook Express spam rules

K9 will allow you to add a tag to spam mail. I have added [SPAM] to the beginning of each mail to mark that it’s a spam message. This tutorial helps you to understand the rules. I love the rules because they help me fight spam and organize my mails.

3. Made necessary port changes

After you install K9 you need to make small changes in your email port settings. K9 will connect to your mail server and get the mails and check them and mark them spam. we got to point our email program to get mail from K9. Detailed information could be found at K9 home page

Finally i wish to thank Robin Keir for his wonderful software. It helps me a lot in my work. However if you are on linux you have nice built in tools to fight spam. Like Kumara Sangakkara did I switched to Linux ! Because it’s an  easy plan !

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My latest software/web service discoveries

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 22, 2009

I am on constant look out for different tools and technologies which would make my life simple. Here are some of the cool tools i have found out.

1. Blender

Blender is an open source 3D graphics engine similar to 3D max. What inspires me to go for blender is the fact that it is totally free and open source. Learning blender seems to be taking time , however the freely available online documentation including the ebook tempts me to try that out. Well i am not a graphic guru , but was inspired by the lovely gallery created by blender.

2. domains

Well if you want your own domain spending for that becomes a problem. If you want a free DNS will give to free domains. I registered two domains using my account. They are and I created a dummy site for my office work using the same site and finds it a cool technology.

3. Google App Engine

I have read a lot about cloud computing and due to the payment requirements of Amazon EC i could not get the taste of cloud computing. However Google App Engine is free and i created some sample apps using Google App engine. Thanks to google now i am on clouds. If this cloud thing baffles you read an intro from here.


Remote access always fascinated me. I have been using VNC and other remote admin tools when i set up my home LAN. However at office i am behind a firewall and i was unable to access my home computer. However Team viewer allows me to connect to my machine and it’s really simple to connect to a remote machine with Team Viewer. I proposed this tool for Tech support of my office and supported Akila in his web development using the tool. Fantastic. It further has VPN capabilities and i am planning to using it to build a home office VPN as well.


You want to record a video on your desktop ? Camstudio is my suggestion. It free and open source. I have recorded some screen casts using Camstuio and finds it quite useful. One might say Adobe Captivate is far more better , but my concience says that i should abort using pirated software. Therefore i  live with camstudio. Non avaiability of updated version worries me , but up to know it has done it’s task very well.

6.Fire Shot

If you are taking screenshots of your browser using Print screen button you will have to do cropping and resizing using a graphics tool. Fireshot removes that burden from you. You can use the fireshot plugin for firefox to get screenshots of the screens you need. It’s wonderful to find out an IE plugin of that. That saved me lots of dirty work at my office.

7.Google Reader

Well my office IT policy is restricting and discouraging reading news at the office. Yet i will be able to grasp the headlines of DailyMirror , Defencewire , Defence Net and other topics of interest including the blogs such as Kottu using google reader. Thanks google reader , you have protected my right for information.


Well , i have tried Ubuntu and Linux flavours from few years before. However now i am using Ubuntu as my major OS in my home computer. Hardy Heron is a cool Ubuntu release and i am happy that i can do most of my routine tasks with ubuntu easily.


I have been reading and researching virtualization and now i am using it at my office. Still i am a bit hesitant to totally switch to linux at my office. Therefore i am using VMWare to create a virtualized ubuntu version and it rocks ! It makes me feel that i am really on an ubuntu box.  Mind that there are many open source alternatives for VMWare as well.


Well i love chatting and my employees including the monitoring squad seems not to show that much of interest about chatting.  they would easily track the chat clients and i am unable to use several chat clients at once because i have little resources. (and i would easily get caught when a chat window pops up during a meeting or a presentation). Therefore i use meebo – a service which has intergrated all popular chat services like google talk, yahoo ! , MSN in to a single web service.

Any favourites of you i should try , please add to this list . I would love to know them.

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Well Done Obama !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 21, 2009

Today i read about the decision of President Obama to hold the infamous GUANTANAMO BAY cases. This is a good initiative to stop the state sponsored human rights violations.  Gito , as code named by US military is a symbol of manipulation of a USA constitution weekness.  Since Gitmo is outside of USA jurisdiction state cant act on the rights of the inmates.

Gitmo has been a center for torture and human rights violations. Most people came to know about the inhuman practices of USA after Gitmo detainees described the prison and Abu Grahib photo leak.

Obama has started his term of office with a real change. The world is looking how he brings the “change” to America and rest of the world.  How Obama acted to upheld the USA constitution and fundamental rights of the people is a good lesson for the rulers of other states.

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