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Well Done Obama !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 21, 2009

Today i read about the decision of President Obama to hold the infamous GUANTANAMO BAY cases. This is a good initiative to stop the state sponsored human rights violations.  Gito , as code named by US military is a symbol of manipulation of a USA constitution weekness.  Since Gitmo is outside of USA jurisdiction state cant act on the rights of the inmates.

Gitmo has been a center for torture and human rights violations. Most people came to know about the inhuman practices of USA after Gitmo detainees described the prison and Abu Grahib photo leak.

Obama has started his term of office with a real change. The world is looking how he brings the “change” to America and rest of the world.  How Obama acted to upheld the USA constitution and fundamental rights of the people is a good lesson for the rulers of other states.


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