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How to increase your spam load !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 24, 2009

You come to office and check email. Mail program prompts “You have no new mail”. You feel very sorry. You feel like isolated in the cyber world.What should you do ? Here are some tips to increase your spam count.

  1. Enter your official email address in all porn mail lists . (No need to worry to enter everywhere. Just give it to one and they will share it with others.) If you see a text box named named “Enter your email address” or something dont ever read the privacy policy just type your email address there !
  2. JUst forward all the email you receive to your unknown friends in Uganda , Russia or elsewhere without deleting your email address on top of the mail.
  3. Post your email address on public forums and anywhere those spam guys or spam bots could see.
  4. Enter the airtel email promotion by sending a carbon copy to the airtel company with gmail email address. (Why cant airtel use gmail ? They can . Do they have to use official email always ! If someone warns you that this is spam scold them saying that they are jealous of you winning the big prize.

Any other ways of increasing spam mail ? Hey share them now !!


One Response to “How to increase your spam load !”

  1. Harshana said

    Hey, write something to decrease Spam mails, hope everyone knows increase.

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