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Exploiting the war

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 31, 2009

Every one does it every where. I am sick of hearing this. Last week i had to get a bus from Pettah. Had to get down near Gunasena bus stop and walk to 120 bus halt. Many street vendords were selling calendars. Selling a calendar is ok , but now all the calendars are full of war heros. I am sure that not a dime of this money is going to the war heros, their families or the victims of the LTTE bus bombs.

They were simply exploiting the war. If the cricket team wins the world cup they will sell the cricket team. Even the war is only another event for them.

It did not end there. I walked over those CD and DVD parlors which are infamous for their selling of porn. Now they have a new market. Selling the war videos. All of them have suddenly got patritic and they sell DVD’s and VCDs. More marketing of the war. Needless to say that these stuff are not copyrighted.

I went mad when another bugger got on to my bus saying (Mahaththaya , ganna Kilinochchiye satane video , Prabakaran ge camp eka balanna , Alimankada , Kilinochchi wala pinthura mulu pawula ekka ekata indagena balanna). Sir , watch the videos of Elephant pass , Kilinochchi , see the bunker of Prabakaran , etc. Protesting to this thug looking man at Pettah is not quite sensible. So i just thought of sharing my views here in this blog.

Idda has also written about a similar experience here.


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