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Google having problems

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 31, 2009

Just found out that google is having a glitch. All the search results are displaying the following message.

“This site is harmful to your computer”

According to my knowledge this was a protection mechanism to protect us entering to harmful sites such as phishing,malware and spaming. Today google displays the same message for all the web pages.


This reminds me of the last week outage. is a CRM suite used by few and unavailability for virtually stopped some business. Google has millions of concurrent users. According to messages on Twitter this seems world wide.

A Sri Lankn Twitter user Malinthie is telling “is worried. sth wrong with google search :O”

Some people are quite cynical. Here are some tweets on google malware warning.

Admiring Google’s April Fool prank. Shame they’re 2 months early

“Google Flags Whole Internet As Malware” seem like the title of an article on The Onion?

This is interesting to watch as google is a service accessed by millions of users. I am wondering what the reason. What could it be . A Cyber attack ? Software Bug ? Lets wait and see.

These could be future technical issues. Now the world is going to depend on cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture and Saas. Failure of network services will have a huge impact and it would be far more different from a web site being “down”.


3 Responses to “Google having problems”

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  2. It seems to be ok now, but it definitely was an issue. I had NO Google search hits this morning when I checked my analytics. I knew something was wrong so I did a search for our site and it showed “could be harmful to your computer.” I about had a heart attack! I calmed down when I decided to check other sites and got the same message.
    I wonder how much revenue I lost due to this?????
    Not to mention worldwide losses….
    Did you find out anything about the cause for this?

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