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Leo Walk – “We Salute our Soldiers – Press Release

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 28, 2009


Leos of 306A2 organize a walk to show solidarity to defense forces

Colombo, Sri Lanka 27th February 2009 Leo district 306A2 along with the Lions district 306A2 is organizing a Leo walk. The theme of this years walk is “We Salute Our Soldiers”. Leo walk will be held on Sunday 1st March 2009 at Boralesgamuwa Maha Vidyalaya , Colombo Road Boralesgamuwa. The Walk is scheduled to be started at 2.30 PM. Walk will be followed by a Bodhi Pooja at Bellanwila Raja Maha Viharaya to invoke blessings of defense forces. Leo clubs of Piliyandala , Werahara and Bokundara are jointly organizing this project on behalf of the Leo district council 306A2.

Key objective of this walk is to display support and solidarity to the defense force personal including Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Civil Defense force for their valiant sacrifices towards the protection of Sri Lanka.

A large gathering of Leo club members, Lions, community leaders and defense force members are expected to participate at this event. Lion S.K Karunasekara , District Governor of Lions District 306A2 is the chief guest of this event and Immediate past district governor Lion Kamal Seneviratna is the guest of honor of this event.

Leo District 306A2 is one of the leading Leo districts of Multiple District 306 , Sri Lanka. Leo program is devoted to the development of leadership skills within the youth. Leo district has around 21 Leo clubs located in Western and Southern provinces of Sri Lanka. Present membership of Leo district 306A2 exceeds 500 members. The projects conducted by Leo movement include environmental protection, literacy, education, childcare programs and many other service projects.

Contact :

Leo Dileepa –   0771678639

Leo Rukshan – 0778100910

Leo Dumindu – 0773754197

Web Site :


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Selling the Sri Lankan conflict online !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 7, 2009

Found this interesting banner on lankaenews.

Online banner ad on Sri Lankan conflict

Online banner ad on Sri Lankan conflict

The link will take you to which seems to be defunct and offline now. (Seems that online business is not that fruitful) How can people see a war for a living ? These guys would see the peace at peace talk and exploit the war in such a shameless way.

So i finally found a conflict merchant ha !

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Civilian Crisis at Wanni : Worried ? Read this !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 7, 2009

Many parties including USA, India and others are worried over the plight of civilians. Actualy civilan crisis was triggered by the LTTE. THey have created a barricade forbidding the civilians exit the war zones to safer places. Holding the civilians at gun point they force them to stay as a shield for their carders. In simple words they have created a human shield. Behind this shield they launch attacks to Sri Lankan forces and counter attacks harm civilians.

It’s LTTE who have committed the alleged genocide of Tamils by forcing them to enter an unnecessary war. They launch human wave attacks where they use child soldiers. Recently they sent a child soldier to hamper the civilian rescue by Sri Lankan army.

If you want further proof you could view this video on youtube. It’s captioned in English and you can understand what these IDP is telling to army. Pro LTTE followers might say that this is propaganda, but i hope you have common sense to make a right judgement.

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Wordless hearing this music !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 7, 2009

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Became a fan of Nadeeka Guruge !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 5, 2009

Hi All ,

I became a fan of Nadeeka Guruge , by getting to know about him on facebook. As Elakiri Community points out he is the composer of the song “Radical Premaya” sung by Kasun Kalhara.

Nadeeka has a very deep voice and his songs are full of emotion and expression. These songs are wrapped up with melodious music. My favourite song of Nadeeka is “Wedikawe Asunakata Barawee“. Glad to see wonderful musicians appearing on Sri Lankan music arena. You can download the same song from Elakiri.

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සංගා හා එයාටෙල්

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

සෙරීනා ව්ඉලියම්ස්,

සචින්, වීනස් හා රොජර්,

ඇඩ් වලින් කප්පරක් සොයද්දී,

සොච්චමක් ගන්න මං,

එයා වෙත ගියපු එක,

ගැන බැනුම් ඇයිද මේ !

“ඒක හරිම සිම්පල් ප්ලෑන් එකක් නේ ! “

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Spam – ස්පෑම් කවි

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

තනිව කල්ගෙවන ,

සයිබර් ලොව හුදෙකලා වී,

දුරස් වී , වෙන්වෙලා ,

සිටින මාගේ මිතුරාය ඔබ ..

නිවහනින් , යහලුවන් වෙත ඊමේල් නොලද මුත්,

නිබදවම ඔබ පහස ලැබෙයි මට

වියග්‍රා , සයිඩනා ෆිල්,

කාලිස් ද පෙන්වලා,

පාඩමින් තොර ලබන

උපාදිය ගන්න හැටි ි,

පෙරමෝන යොදවලා ,

ලඳුන් වසඟ කරන හැටි

කියාදුන්නේ ඔබයි සබඳ,

දිනක නයිජීරියන් මුදලින්,්

ඩනවතෙකු වෙමි මෙමම,

එවිට මිතුරේ මෙමම ,

අයි ෆෝනයක් ගනිමි,

ත්‍රී ජීද, ඩී එස් එල් ද,ලැප් ටොප්ද

සියලු දේ මිලට ගමි

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Technical Slave

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

an angry man with computer

an angry man with computer

වසකින් තුන් අඩක්,

සොච්චමකට උකස් කර,

ලද දැනුම අනුන් වෙනුවෙන් වැය කරන,

තාක්ශනික දාසයෙක් ලෙස

පෙනේදෝ ඔබට මා !

කප්පරක් වෙහෙසිලා,

නිමවන සොෆ්ට්වෙයා,

මහ මිලට අලෙවි වෙයි,

දාසයෝ හැමදාම්

අඩුමිලට ක්බ්හුරවත්

මහරැයේ , දහවලේ,

දහඩියත් නොවැගුරුවට,

අඩු මිලට කබුරුවන

මම වගේ දාසයෝ,

සිය ගනන් දැකිය හැක…

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