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In Memoriam : Major Tuan Nisham Muthalif

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on May 30, 2009

Heros Never Die !

Heros Never Die !

Even though the war against terror is over , this nation will never forget the heros who faught valiantly. Major Tuan Muthalif , a great hero who led many successful missions against the ruthless LTTE – you should have been here to celebrate victory with your fellow brethren.

He was shot in day light at Narahenpita Colombo by a covert LTTE unit at Colombo as they were unable to defeat this man at the battle front on 31st May 2005. This brave man would be remembered as a top Military Intelligence officer of Sri Lankan Defence Forces.

This is in rememberence of his 4th Dead Anniversary.


2 Responses to “In Memoriam : Major Tuan Nisham Muthalif”

  1. Bervin Nouman said

    On his 4th death anniversary I am proud as a brother to see him remembered like this when many have forgotten him. He did what he could but he got nothing for what he did. He loved his motherland than any one else but could not have a land for his family in his motherland.

  2. Good Article! I were depressed when none of sinhala people talk about him during his anniversary. he also were labeled as a supported of LTTE. But it was his duty to spy them and handle those stuffs. He is one of honest solider to me. 🙂

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