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Sri Lanka Army : The “Professional” Force and my lost identity card

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on March 19, 2009

I was a great fan of Sri Lanka army up to today. I have participated in a walk to pay tribute to soldiers, had written on behalf of them in various online forums, has donated material and assisted different campaigns to support Sri Lankan defense forces. (Just look at my previous post to find out about the walk, here is a youtube video).

I have lost my NIC and due to the different bottlenecks obtaining a new one has been extremely difficult. They have stopped the one day service and from the police station which has a broken type writer to type the certified entry copy everywhere i had to face many delays in obtaining a copy.

Today i was stopped at a check point while i was proceeding to my work. I have been stopped at check points without my ID and in most of places i have met people with required intelligence level to realize that this is a geniune case. I had a photo copy of my previous ID and today they detained that copy at the check point. This copy was very useful in most checkpoints and today they kept it after speaking very harshly to me.

This country considers defense forces heros. I was deeply moved watching the alleged Oddusudan attack thinking about the risks they undergo daily. I myself has wished i could join the defense forces.

My experience today changed my view of defense forces. If the Sri Lankan army officers at Colombo could be this much irrational and inhuman , how can those at Vanni and PTK be the “professional” force caring for the civilians ? We know the “professional” behaviour of Sri Lanka police, due to the large number of HR petitions filed against them and i dont think SLA and other forces are that much bad.

People consider the army heros. I still belive that they are real heros. If the heros at the check point gave back my ID copy it would have been really helpful. What to do … ? All heros have their weaknesses right !

What do you think ?


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Leo Walk – “We Salute our Soldiers – Press Release

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 28, 2009


Leos of 306A2 organize a walk to show solidarity to defense forces

Colombo, Sri Lanka 27th February 2009 Leo district 306A2 along with the Lions district 306A2 is organizing a Leo walk. The theme of this years walk is “We Salute Our Soldiers”. Leo walk will be held on Sunday 1st March 2009 at Boralesgamuwa Maha Vidyalaya , Colombo Road Boralesgamuwa. The Walk is scheduled to be started at 2.30 PM. Walk will be followed by a Bodhi Pooja at Bellanwila Raja Maha Viharaya to invoke blessings of defense forces. Leo clubs of Piliyandala , Werahara and Bokundara are jointly organizing this project on behalf of the Leo district council 306A2.

Key objective of this walk is to display support and solidarity to the defense force personal including Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Civil Defense force for their valiant sacrifices towards the protection of Sri Lanka.

A large gathering of Leo club members, Lions, community leaders and defense force members are expected to participate at this event. Lion S.K Karunasekara , District Governor of Lions District 306A2 is the chief guest of this event and Immediate past district governor Lion Kamal Seneviratna is the guest of honor of this event.

Leo District 306A2 is one of the leading Leo districts of Multiple District 306 , Sri Lanka. Leo program is devoted to the development of leadership skills within the youth. Leo district has around 21 Leo clubs located in Western and Southern provinces of Sri Lanka. Present membership of Leo district 306A2 exceeds 500 members. The projects conducted by Leo movement include environmental protection, literacy, education, childcare programs and many other service projects.

Contact :

Leo Dileepa –   0771678639

Leo Rukshan – 0778100910

Leo Dumindu – 0773754197

Web Site :

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Development in LTTE areas

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 28, 2008

This video shows some villages near Killinochchi captured by Sri Lankan army. These villages were under the LTTE control for over 20 years. LTTE and other front organizations like TRO collected mass amount of funds for the development of these villages. However no visible development is seen. All houses are thached and only concrete structures you will see in Wanni are the LTTE cemetries and offices. This is the so called development by the LTTE. They could have developed these villages through the so called administrative structures established by them during the CFA period.

This video proves the shameless use of funds for development of wanni for military purposes. Seems that these people have survived from the aid sent by the government. It’s the govenment funded irrigation that has provided them water. Under the LTTE they are offered with one good livelyhood. Joining the stupid , brainwashed moron band of LTTE and die and be a mahavir who is named as a terrorist by the rest of the world.

LTTE atrocities includes a large amount of crimes other than deception and corruption. They have conducted a number of attacks on the civilian settlements and civilian busses killing many innocent defenceless people. LTTE is sending brainwashed sucide carders to silence political dissent and brutal killers of LTTE has killed a number of diplomats and state heads including Hon. Rajiv Gandhi – the past president of Republic of India.

International community should help Sri Lanka to defeat the babaric terror of LTTE. There crimes are a disgrace to all independance movements of the world. Also shame on the so called NGOs who assisted LTTE in the name of developing Wanni – they have not done any development at all.

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Sri Lankan Forces – you are our Gods !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 28, 2008

I browse YouTube for Sri Lankan videos and found this wonderful video. This is the new video for “Api Wenuwen Api”. In this video Nelu , Weraliyadda , Nalin and Iraj Sings about Sri Lankan forces. They call them a strong wall and names them as the gods of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan forces have made supreme sacrifices in defending the soveriginity from ruthless LTTE terror organization which is demanding a seperate state within Sri Lanka. Despite the negotiation and peace efforts of Sri Lankan government LTTE has killed a large amount of Sri Lankan civilians , clergy and Political figures. Today they use civilians as a shield in protecting their defences and denies humanitarian aid to them. They are discredited for their baberic sucide missions and child soldier deployment in combat.

In this backdrop Sri Lankan forces have made many victories to protect Sri Lanka and it’s innocent civilians. This video is a tribute to the brave Navy , Army and Airforce of Sri Lanka.In their humanitarian missions they have liberated the eastern province from terror clutches and presently engaged in liberating the nothern province from LTTE terrorists.

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Abolition of the Case Fire Agreement by Sri Lankan Government

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 4, 2008

The Cabinet has decided to end of six year cease fire agreement signed between LTTE and GOSL.  Already the Prime Minister has been entrusted with the duty of communicating this to the facilitator , the Royal Norwegian Government.

Even though it was in force it was only a nominal document. LTTE continued is covert operations and we lost some of the leading political and military figures during the so called Cease Fire.  Lakshman Kadiragamar , a key negotiator , Parami Kulatunga , a military leader , Major Tuan Mutalif are some of the key feagures. It’s noteworthy that Sri Lankan government did not officialy enter in to any confrontation till the attempt on the Army Commander.

After that virtually there was no cease fire agreement. Both parties entered in to active combat and GOSL military forces were able to wipe our terrorists from the eastern province. During the case fire both parties lost key figures and Thamil Selvan , who is called a negotiator / political head of LTTE (he is also a military leader of LTTE) is a key loss to LTTE. At the same time Sri Lankan naval forces were able to sink many vessels of LTTE which were involved in arms smuggling.

According to the statistics of Sri Lankan army LTTE has violated the agreement more than 7000 times. At the same time Sri Lankan Government were accused of using para military forces against LTTE. On the other hand mass human rights violation charges tarnished the GOSL image in international arena.

What would the aftermath look like. Well , in my opinion it would not make a big difference regarding the local political scenario. Mahinda Rajapaksa regime would continue the military operations and they no longer have to use the term “Humanitarian Operation”. Mahinda will receive the support of JVP and JHU who strongly wanted to abolish the Cease Fire Agreement. Similarly Prabakaran and his blood thirsty maniacs will continue their ware fare and send more sucide bombs to Colombo like the one on No Limit Shopping Store in Nugegoda , a soft civilian target. He will continue to kill his political opponents similar to his attempts to kill Gotabhaya Rajapaksa , the defence secretary and Duglas Devananda , the EPDP leader.

Sri Lanka will face heavy pressure in international arena. Already Sri Lanaka is facing pressure from USA and UN. GOSL will have to face the risk of being internationally isolated.

Speaking about the general public , majority of the Sinhalese community feel that cease fire should be abolished , not because they don’t like peace , but it has become a meaningless document which is not in force. I don’t have access to tamil opinion (specially the opinion of those who live under terrorists ) regarding this. (Hope that it won’t make a difference for them).

2008 will be a decisive year for Sri Lanka. It’s facing many challenges. Amidst the international pressure and hostile economic conditions including inflation and increasing commodity prices rajapaksa regime pledge to capture Killinochchi. They have named this year an “year of determination”. It’s heard that they are planning to introduce a parallel political solution based on devolution of power (not confirmed) and it’s interesting to hear the political response to such a solution.

Being a person traveling on Colombo roads (without the bulletproof BMW’s and Escort vehicles) i will also be affected from the end of cease fire because Mr. Prabakaran will try to plant more bombs and send more brain washed suicide carders to our capital.

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Another morning in a war riddled country

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 6, 2007

It’s early in the morning. Birds cry , what a wonderful morning ,

My Phone beeps , a news alert

Says “Claymore explosion in Kebitigollawe, 15 civilians killed”,

Can’t enjoy the day anymore …..

Mothers , Fathers , brothers and children innocent ,

Pay for the sins of the leaders misled ,

Bleed , Bleed poor country ……

A Father with the body of the death child who died from Kebethigollewa attack by LTTE terrorists.

A father who mourns the death of his child who died from Kebethigollewa bomb attack by LTTE

This is my first reaction to the bomb explosion at Abimangama , Kebithigollewa . This is the second bomb exploded in this vicinity and both bombed were the work of brutal terrorists of LTTE , the butchers who target innocent unarmed civilians. The world powers including America and other states should support Sri Lankan government to curb terrorism. Pirabakaran , the butcher , the leader of this barbaric terrorist group should be brought to international courts and executed for his crimes against humanity.

True ‘freedom fighters’ would never target civilians. LTTE is a terrorist outfit and not a freedom fighting movement.

The government should continue the attacks on LTTE till they stop these barbaric and inhuman actions. I dont like war , but i feel that it’s the only alternative to stop a barbarian force who are not willing to solve their problems through negotiation and discussion.

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Nugegoda Bomb Blast

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 4, 2007

The LTTE has demonstrated it’s thurst of civilian blood once again in the bomb targetting civilians at Nugegoda. This attack had a huge personal impact on me because i live quite closer to Nugegoda. The attack was launched at a busy hour where a large number of school children attending classes are returning home. International community should condemn such attacks and should support Sri Lanka to eradicate terrorism. So called peace lovers would say that no one has solved an ethnic conflict through war … but we should not forget that we are fighting a misled force led by a deadly maniac called pirabakaran. The Nugegoda attack was to celebrate his birthday.

As Hon. MP Wimal Weerawansa has pointed out the year 2008 should be named the year against terrorism. All the people should unite to defeat terrorism. We will have to make sacrifices , but this problem should not be transferred to the future generation of this country.

Nugegoda Bomb Attack – Footage

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Poem about the Futility of war

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on August 31, 2007

As the citizens of a war torn country we have no option rather than living with the war. The trauma , pain and suffering of war has become a part of our life. We are becoming less sensitive to war. I feel that most sri lankans are not moved by the daily killings taking place in the country. It’s ironical that the Sinhalese people massacred tamils for the killing of 17 (?) soldiers… Today 10 , 15 would be the average daily death toll. What about the LTTE ? Arnt they our brothers , fellow Sri Lankans dying …

I found this interesting poem about the the war titled “poem from an American war veterans wife : Words Not Spoken, Truths Untold” by Claudia Whitehead McCoy. This poem could be a foreign one , but the experience is universal to each country which is having a conflict.

Words Not Spoken, Truths Untold


My Grandfather never spoke

Of the Great War.

Instead he told of dancing

With French peasant girls.

Sometimes I wanted to dance

With my Grandfather,

But he had left his legs

In a foxhole in Belgium.



My Father never spoke

Of World War II.

Instead he told of

Telling stories around a campfire

On Guadalcanal.

Sometimes late at night

A dozen years later,

He would scream and writhe in pain

With the Malaria

He couldn’t leave in the Pacific.



My cousin never spoke

Of the Korean Conflict.

Instead he told

Us how much our letters meant

In that cold forgotten place.

Sometimes I would like to write

To him again, but

The telegram forgot to mention

The zip code for someone killed in action.



My husband never speaks Of Vietnam,

Instead he tells me

How beautiful the flowers were.

Sometimes in July

When fireworks crack and sparkle

He cowers in a closet,

Holding his head

And calling out,”Incoming! Incoming!”



Do I speak to my children

Of wars gone and those yet to be?

I can’t begin to know

The horror or the exhilaration.

I’ve never been there.

But sometimes I tell them

Of Peace and the price

That some have paid

For this illusive gift.



And if I never spoke

Of war?

How would they understand

About honor, courage and patriotism?

But sometimes I have to tell them

About greed, power and carelessness.

Because war isn’t always what it’s said to be,

And God isn’t always on our side.



Claudia Whitehead McCoy


THanks goes to Gehan for sharing this poem with us!

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Being a Tamil – How might they be feeling

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 23, 2007

It was the last Monday i came to my office relatively early. (I work at WTC) . 3 tamils from somewhere have arrived early to WTC and they were requested to take seat until the offices were open. I am sure that the security felt suspicious about them and wanted them to be there till their chief office arrives.

I just pondered upon the fate of innocent tamils. They have to under go hell of trouble at everywhere due to the buffoonery of these so called “freedom fighters”. The forces have to search tamils irrespective of the fact that they are innocent and not involved in terrorism. I can well remember how my friend Thanuja reacted to this.  She said that she is used to this and they have to undergo severe checks at check points.

I belive that after the “Thoppigala” victory tamils and muslims of east will be able to enjoy the freedom. Despite the fact that Sri Lankan forces have always provided security and care for minority communities , LTTE chauvinists claim that rights of tamils are violated. I post  this picture. (A tamil extremist terrorist might claim that this is a media stunt by government – because they are brainwashed by their stupid leader. ) …If this is a stunt this might be a valuable and life risky one because this was performed at a risky border village.

forces carrying a soldier in Sri Lanka

I have tamil friends and i have no problem living with them.. I never perceive them as our ‘enemy’ nor ‘outsiders’. I am quite sure a large number of Sinhaleese youth will agree with me regarding this fact.

May we see peace in Sri Lanka soon!!!

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Power of Law !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on June 27, 2007

* Sri Lanka expresses regret over ‘Tamils eviction’ and claims full responsibility
Sunday, June 10, 2007, 13:53 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

June 10, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka today expressed ‘regrets’ over the eviction of Tamils from Colombo and said his government is taking the full responsibility over the matter.

“We regret and ready to take the responsibility over this unfortunate incident,” the Premier told a media briefing this evening in Colombo. He also said that “the government has to take responsibility for the good and bad deeds of its officers.”

Claiming that Inspector General of Police Victor Perera was asked to provide a full report by President Mahinda Rajapaksa regarding the matter, the Primer said that if someone found guilty necessary action would be taken against them.

Rejecting the claim by the Police that the Tamils had left Colombo on their own, the Prime Minister said that the police and military action was “wrong” and that minority Tamils had a right to live anywhere they pleased.

The IGP said that these people had expressed consent to go home if free transportation was provided and the government provided “safe transportation to 376 people out of over 20,000 Tamil lodgers” living in Colombo to their homes in North and East.

Friday Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa asked the IGP to submit an immediate report on the manner exercised to transport the Tamils from Colombo and promised disciplinary action against any wrongdoing on the part of any government official.


What would be the reaction of the government regarding tamil eviction if the supreme court judgment was not given? They would somehow defend their action! Fortunately the judiciary came forward and gave this decision.

In my personal opinion i am for the Tamil eviction … These people who are there in lodges are responsible for many terrorist activities. However it’s not possible to violate the fundamental rights vested upon people in the name of the “war against terrorism”. However this act will establish the notion “every tamil is a terrorist” , and will be bad for the international reputation of the country.

In a latest development another businessman has challenged the SC decision and filed another petition in the SC stating that canceling the eviction is a disruption to the defense of the country.

As a law student i am eagerly watching the reaction of the supreme court. This is a clear example of the irrational usage of executive power. Fortunately we have an independent  supreme court which is not partial.

Am confident that SC verdict will serve the justice!

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