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සමාජ ජාල හා ඔබගේ රැකියාව

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on May 11, 2010

ඔබ ඔබගේ කාර්යාලයේ ප්‍රදානීන් ඔබගේ facebook,linkedin වැනි සමාජ ජාල වලට ඇතුලත් කර ගන්නවද ? තම කාර්යාලයේ සියලු අයගෙන් ලැබෙන ඇරයුම් පිළිගැනීමට ඔබ සිටිනවාද? ආයතන ප්‍රදානිය සමාජ ජාලගත “මිතුරෙකු” වීම අර්බුද රාශියකට හේතු විය හැකිය. මේ ගැන බොහෝ ආයතන වල පිළිගත සම්ප්‍රදායක් නොමැති වීම තත්වය තවත් ගැටලුකාරී කරයි. මෙවන් විටක කල හැකි හොඳම දෙය වන්නේ සෙසු සේවකයන් සමග මේ ගැන විමසා පොදු ප්‍රතිපත්තියක පිහිට කටයුතු කිරීමයි.

කෙසේ වුවද සමාජගත ජාල සේවා වලින් ආයතන ප්‍රදානීන් හට ලබාගත හැකි ප්‍රයෝජනද බොහෝය. සමාජ ජාල හරහා ලබා ගන්නා අදහස් ඇසුරෙන් වඩාත් හොද සබදතාවක් තම සේවකයන් හා පවත්වා ගත හැක. එමෙන්ම ඒ මගින් ඔවුන්ගේ අදහස් විමසීම මිත්රශීලි ලෙස කර හැකිය.


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Technical Slave

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

an angry man with computer

an angry man with computer

වසකින් තුන් අඩක්,

සොච්චමකට උකස් කර,

ලද දැනුම අනුන් වෙනුවෙන් වැය කරන,

තාක්ශනික දාසයෙක් ලෙස

පෙනේදෝ ඔබට මා !

කප්පරක් වෙහෙසිලා,

නිමවන සොෆ්ට්වෙයා,

මහ මිලට අලෙවි වෙයි,

දාසයෝ හැමදාම්

අඩුමිලට ක්බ්හුරවත්

මහරැයේ , දහවලේ,

දහඩියත් නොවැගුරුවට,

අඩු මිලට කබුරුවන

මම වගේ දාසයෝ,

සිය ගනන් දැකිය හැක…

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My Brother’s new look

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 26, 2007

Hi All,

My brother got new looks – for two reasons. One is related to his future profession. He is presently studying at the Ceylon Hotel school and he has started his practicals. Now he wear the “posh” chef suit which makes me jealous of him. (This suit is very professional – the computer guys don’t have any dress code 😦 very bad … ) In my childhood i also dreamed to wear a uniform… to be a doctor,army soldier (i still like to be a soldier – but for different reasons , not because of the uniform 🙂

Nadeesha - the chef

The second reason is his surgery. Many people say that he has changed a lot after his maxilo facial surgery.

I wonder how would my brother comment on this post ! 🙂 Hope he wont change the way i look !

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Blogging / Freedom / Governmental web sites

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 17, 2007

I found it extremely hard to access for some time. Thats why i was unable to blog for some time. Today blogging has been interpreted as freedom of “speech”. In the future e world bloggers would be a key group involved in developing public opinion. So i hope that network admins and other authorities would have to take that in to consideration in the future.

We , at Sri Lanka had to discuss about electronic media freedom when the prominent tamil news site was blocked by major ISP’s including SLT. We cant blame tamilnet , but government should have their own powerful online propaganda tool. Most of the government web sites are static , erroneous and old.

There are some exceptions such as BOI ( , but most of the web sites are monuments. I was involved in one such project (shame to speak about that one!) in development of a web portant for the ministry of tourism and agriculture of the western provincial council. It was hosted under a sub domain of and is no longer existing. The web host (e-wis) as i suppose charged 100,000 Rs and the development charges were also 100,000 Rs… (dont be envious i got only Rs 5000 for developing this ‘web portal’ == weeks of coding , proof reading and hard work valued !) by professor who knows next to nothing about IT got most of the money .. 🙂

I think that we should not create online ‘tombstones’ for government web sites. The government needs talented IT professionals who can use e-government to find solutions for the problems of people.!

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Job Hunting Ends

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 9, 2007

Hi Friends ,
My job hunting ended. If you have read my previous entry would might be thinking that i am at MIT. No friends, I am at a company named Opro Lanka Pvt Ltd. So in this blog entry i will describe my job and workplace to you. This company provides a solution which is like a middlewear which can interact with many types of databases. I am not going to be highly technical. For the technical people i am putting the hyperlink of the company web site Here. The workplace is friendly and this is a very small company. There are around 30 people working here. I am a technical writing here. All others are testers and developers. The office is located at the floor 8,east tower,WTC.

MIT dream faded away !! However i might walk back to MIT with more qualifications !!! Let the time and destiny decide that !! I am happy at Opro !!


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Job Hunting

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 10, 2006

Picture of MIT building! This iz my dream work place!

Dear Friends ,

I am on a job hunt and i was called for several interviews. The companies include MillenniumIT and OPRO Lanka. Both companies were foreign owned but different from each other. MillenniumIT is at the IT park of Malambe and one of the most spectacular piece of architecture i have seen. There exam procedures are very tough but the people are very friendly.

The next company iz OPRO lanka. It’s the R&D wing of the OPRO company Japan. Th company is located in World Trade Center. Infact this is the first time i have visited WTC and the whole experience waz amazing. The test was all right and they called me for an on the spot interview. They very very friendly and the organization culture was very different from MIT.

Hope that i would get a job soon ! Jobless life is frustrating !!

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