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Sri Lanka Army : The “Professional” Force and my lost identity card

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on March 19, 2009

I was a great fan of Sri Lanka army up to today. I have participated in a walk to pay tribute to soldiers, had written on behalf of them in various online forums, has donated material and assisted different campaigns to support Sri Lankan defense forces. (Just look at my previous post to find out about the walk, here is a youtube video).

I have lost my NIC and due to the different bottlenecks obtaining a new one has been extremely difficult. They have stopped the one day service and from the police station which has a broken type writer to type the certified entry copy everywhere i had to face many delays in obtaining a copy.

Today i was stopped at a check point while i was proceeding to my work. I have been stopped at check points without my ID and in most of places i have met people with required intelligence level to realize that this is a geniune case. I had a photo copy of my previous ID and today they detained that copy at the check point. This copy was very useful in most checkpoints and today they kept it after speaking very harshly to me.

This country considers defense forces heros. I was deeply moved watching the alleged Oddusudan attack thinking about the risks they undergo daily. I myself has wished i could join the defense forces.

My experience today changed my view of defense forces. If the Sri Lankan army officers at Colombo could be this much irrational and inhuman , how can those at Vanni and PTK be the “professional” force caring for the civilians ? We know the “professional” behaviour of Sri Lanka police, due to the large number of HR petitions filed against them and i dont think SLA and other forces are that much bad.

People consider the army heros. I still belive that they are real heros. If the heros at the check point gave back my ID copy it would have been really helpful. What to do … ? All heros have their weaknesses right !

What do you think ?


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Spam – ස්පෑම් කවි

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

තනිව කල්ගෙවන ,

සයිබර් ලොව හුදෙකලා වී,

දුරස් වී , වෙන්වෙලා ,

සිටින මාගේ මිතුරාය ඔබ ..

නිවහනින් , යහලුවන් වෙත ඊමේල් නොලද මුත්,

නිබදවම ඔබ පහස ලැබෙයි මට

වියග්‍රා , සයිඩනා ෆිල්,

කාලිස් ද පෙන්වලා,

පාඩමින් තොර ලබන

උපාදිය ගන්න හැටි ි,

පෙරමෝන යොදවලා ,

ලඳුන් වසඟ කරන හැටි

කියාදුන්නේ ඔබයි සබඳ,

දිනක නයිජීරියන් මුදලින්,්

ඩනවතෙකු වෙමි මෙමම,

එවිට මිතුරේ මෙමම ,

අයි ෆෝනයක් ගනිමි,

ත්‍රී ජීද, ඩී එස් එල් ද,ලැප් ටොප්ද

සියලු දේ මිලට ගමි

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Technical Slave

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

an angry man with computer

an angry man with computer

වසකින් තුන් අඩක්,

සොච්චමකට උකස් කර,

ලද දැනුම අනුන් වෙනුවෙන් වැය කරන,

තාක්ශනික දාසයෙක් ලෙස

පෙනේදෝ ඔබට මා !

කප්පරක් වෙහෙසිලා,

නිමවන සොෆ්ට්වෙයා,

මහ මිලට අලෙවි වෙයි,

දාසයෝ හැමදාම්

අඩුමිලට ක්බ්හුරවත්

මහරැයේ , දහවලේ,

දහඩියත් නොවැගුරුවට,

අඩු මිලට කබුරුවන

මම වගේ දාසයෝ,

සිය ගනන් දැකිය හැක…

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Another morning in a war riddled country

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on December 6, 2007

It’s early in the morning. Birds cry , what a wonderful morning ,

My Phone beeps , a news alert

Says “Claymore explosion in Kebitigollawe, 15 civilians killed”,

Can’t enjoy the day anymore …..

Mothers , Fathers , brothers and children innocent ,

Pay for the sins of the leaders misled ,

Bleed , Bleed poor country ……

A Father with the body of the death child who died from Kebethigollewa attack by LTTE terrorists.

A father who mourns the death of his child who died from Kebethigollewa bomb attack by LTTE

This is my first reaction to the bomb explosion at Abimangama , Kebithigollewa . This is the second bomb exploded in this vicinity and both bombed were the work of brutal terrorists of LTTE , the butchers who target innocent unarmed civilians. The world powers including America and other states should support Sri Lankan government to curb terrorism. Pirabakaran , the butcher , the leader of this barbaric terrorist group should be brought to international courts and executed for his crimes against humanity.

True ‘freedom fighters’ would never target civilians. LTTE is a terrorist outfit and not a freedom fighting movement.

The government should continue the attacks on LTTE till they stop these barbaric and inhuman actions. I dont like war , but i feel that it’s the only alternative to stop a barbarian force who are not willing to solve their problems through negotiation and discussion.

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