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How i fight spam

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 24, 2009

Well , I don’t get much spam on my personal mail boxes as google handles all the dirty work of spam filtering. Thanks a ton google for that ! My office mail is receiving tons of spam. We have a broadcast address (for sales / inquiries) and spam bots have harvested our email addresses. (Or may be an unhappy employee did that after he left the company.) Therefore we receive loads of information about Viagra , Erectile dysfunction and other bull shit. Most of my fellow workers as using the celebrated “delete” mechanism. However i thought of being a bit different.

Here is what i did

1. Installed K9 spam filter

This page will have detailed instructions on installation.

What k9 will do is to collect the statistics about the mails you receive. It will understand the good and bad keywords in the mail. For instance when i classify a mail spam it will rank all the keywords and ultimatly it will find out the spam words.

2. Configured Outlook Express spam rules

K9 will allow you to add a tag to spam mail. I have added [SPAM] to the beginning of each mail to mark that it’s a spam message. This tutorial helps you to understand the rules. I love the rules because they help me fight spam and organize my mails.

3. Made necessary port changes

After you install K9 you need to make small changes in your email port settings. K9 will connect to your mail server and get the mails and check them and mark them spam. we got to point our email program to get mail from K9. Detailed information could be found at K9 home page

Finally i wish to thank Robin Keir for his wonderful software. It helps me a lot in my work. However if you are on linux you have nice built in tools to fight spam. Like Kumara Sangakkara did I switched to Linux ! Because it’s an  easy plan !


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