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My Villlage and My Relatives

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 28, 2007

We get a chance to visit my mothers home town Udayala. It’s not a know city (even though Medamulana which is closer is became very famous) . However i was surprise to find precise statistics about the geographic location of udayala in this web site and MSN Encarta. Three cheers to the search leader google for making this information reachable.

You have to pass Tangalle to come here. Our grand mothers house was the last to have power for some time (now it is not so , Minister Mahinda Amaraweera , happens to be one of my relatives , has brought power to this village)

All relatives of my mothers side are living there. When we visited them for the Avurudu we organized a small Avurudu uthsavaya where all my relatives including my cousins took place.

A rare instance where we all met …at the Avurudu Ulela

United !

Youngest of all taking part in Kana Mutti

Youngest of all…

Parents – the keen supporters and viewers



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Doggy Games

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 23, 2007

All animals are so sweet. According to Maneka Gandhi’s column on animals all the animals have emotions. Even the crows and chicken have their own language and can express themselves. The experts might say that they are unable to communicate as humans are doing ! But they also play , eat and have feelings. Look what this small doggy iz doing. His prank is recorded from my own phone and Dad’s one.

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