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Seminar : How to Increase Sales using Web Technology

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 31, 2007

I got the opprtunity of participating at a seminar on “How to Increase Sales using Web Technology” organized by the Pioneer House. This seminar was held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute – Colombo. Many people representing various web development companies attended this seminar.

The seminar was very useful and helped to learn new strategies to promote web sites online. This seminar was conducted by Mr. Ifthi Idris a leading marketeer from webgenious – New Zealand. He discussed many interesting topics including Search Engine Optimization , Google Page Ranking and page Ranking algorithms.

My employer , OPRO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd sponsored me for this seminar. I am quite thankful to them for selecting me and sending me for this seminar.

You could find more information about these programs from

Photo of Ifthi


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My Brother’s new look

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 26, 2007

Hi All,

My brother got new looks – for two reasons. One is related to his future profession. He is presently studying at the Ceylon Hotel school and he has started his practicals. Now he wear the “posh” chef suit which makes me jealous of him. (This suit is very professional – the computer guys don’t have any dress code 😦 very bad … ) In my childhood i also dreamed to wear a uniform… to be a doctor,army soldier (i still like to be a soldier – but for different reasons , not because of the uniform 🙂

Nadeesha - the chef

The second reason is his surgery. Many people say that he has changed a lot after his maxilo facial surgery.

I wonder how would my brother comment on this post ! 🙂 Hope he wont change the way i look !

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Openarc Orientation Program

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 25, 2007

The First Orientation of the Leo club of Openarc was successfully held at the Openarc Computer school , Nugegoda on 21st July 2007.

Nearly 20 scholarship holders participated in this event. The participants were informed about the benefits of the Leo movement , history of the Leo movement. Immediate past district president Leo Sameera Wijayasinghe , District President Elect Leo Nadeesha Palliyaguru and District Chairman for Leos Lion Noel Palliyaguru and Lion Daya Hettiarachchi , President of Lions Club of Polgasowita were among the attendees.

The orientation program also included a team building exercise , a multimedia presentation of Leo activities and a QA session. Mr. Thilina Hiripitiya started the session by explaining the objectives of the program. Then Lion Noel Palliyaguru delivered a speech about the importance of leadership development. The next item was the Presentation about Leo movement , conducted by Leo Sadeepa. The session was concluded by Lion Daya Hettiarachchi , CEO of Openarc Systems Management. He explained the benefits of joining the Leo club and the duties of professionals towards the betterment of the society.

Group of Participants

Participants at a team game

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Being a Tamil – How might they be feeling

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 23, 2007

It was the last Monday i came to my office relatively early. (I work at WTC) . 3 tamils from somewhere have arrived early to WTC and they were requested to take seat until the offices were open. I am sure that the security felt suspicious about them and wanted them to be there till their chief office arrives.

I just pondered upon the fate of innocent tamils. They have to under go hell of trouble at everywhere due to the buffoonery of these so called “freedom fighters”. The forces have to search tamils irrespective of the fact that they are innocent and not involved in terrorism. I can well remember how my friend Thanuja reacted to this.  She said that she is used to this and they have to undergo severe checks at check points.

I belive that after the “Thoppigala” victory tamils and muslims of east will be able to enjoy the freedom. Despite the fact that Sri Lankan forces have always provided security and care for minority communities , LTTE chauvinists claim that rights of tamils are violated. I post  this picture. (A tamil extremist terrorist might claim that this is a media stunt by government – because they are brainwashed by their stupid leader. ) …If this is a stunt this might be a valuable and life risky one because this was performed at a risky border village.

forces carrying a soldier in Sri Lanka

I have tamil friends and i have no problem living with them.. I never perceive them as our ‘enemy’ nor ‘outsiders’. I am quite sure a large number of Sinhaleese youth will agree with me regarding this fact.

May we see peace in Sri Lanka soon!!!

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Blogging / Freedom / Governmental web sites

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 17, 2007

I found it extremely hard to access for some time. Thats why i was unable to blog for some time. Today blogging has been interpreted as freedom of “speech”. In the future e world bloggers would be a key group involved in developing public opinion. So i hope that network admins and other authorities would have to take that in to consideration in the future.

We , at Sri Lanka had to discuss about electronic media freedom when the prominent tamil news site was blocked by major ISP’s including SLT. We cant blame tamilnet , but government should have their own powerful online propaganda tool. Most of the government web sites are static , erroneous and old.

There are some exceptions such as BOI ( , but most of the web sites are monuments. I was involved in one such project (shame to speak about that one!) in development of a web portant for the ministry of tourism and agriculture of the western provincial council. It was hosted under a sub domain of and is no longer existing. The web host (e-wis) as i suppose charged 100,000 Rs and the development charges were also 100,000 Rs… (dont be envious i got only Rs 5000 for developing this ‘web portal’ == weeks of coding , proof reading and hard work valued !) by professor who knows next to nothing about IT got most of the money .. 🙂

I think that we should not create online ‘tombstones’ for government web sites. The government needs talented IT professionals who can use e-government to find solutions for the problems of people.!

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