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Free Damma Books by Postal Mail

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 14, 2009

Came up with a wonderful web site distributing buddhist damma books freely via post. During a time of commercialism at it’s helm it’s commendable to see such a service in action. This valued service is provided by the The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation , Taipe.

Lord Buddha himself has stated that

Sabba danam dhamma danam jinati

which means the gift of Damma is greater than all the gifts.  While thanking the Buddha Educational Foundation for their wonderful service i wish that this service will be available for a long time.

You can access their web site by visiting

The available material could be seen from

Please spread the word among your friends and use the valuable resources sparingly.


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Spam – ස්පෑම් කවි

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 3, 2009

තනිව කල්ගෙවන ,

සයිබර් ලොව හුදෙකලා වී,

දුරස් වී , වෙන්වෙලා ,

සිටින මාගේ මිතුරාය ඔබ ..

නිවහනින් , යහලුවන් වෙත ඊමේල් නොලද මුත්,

නිබදවම ඔබ පහස ලැබෙයි මට

වියග්‍රා , සයිඩනා ෆිල්,

කාලිස් ද පෙන්වලා,

පාඩමින් තොර ලබන

උපාදිය ගන්න හැටි ි,

පෙරමෝන යොදවලා ,

ලඳුන් වසඟ කරන හැටි

කියාදුන්නේ ඔබයි සබඳ,

දිනක නයිජීරියන් මුදලින්,්

ඩනවතෙකු වෙමි මෙමම,

එවිට මිතුරේ මෙමම ,

අයි ෆෝනයක් ගනිමි,

ත්‍රී ජීද, ඩී එස් එල් ද,ලැප් ටොප්ද

සියලු දේ මිලට ගමි

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I installed Ubuntu ! I Enjoy it !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on October 22, 2007

Finally i am saying good bye to the slow crashing windows XP and joining the open source revolution ! Now i am on latest ubuntu desktop “Feisty Fawn”. Wow ! What can i say … this is wonderful !

Last time i was using Red hat linux and i had to connect to internet with a Winmodem. The inability to connect to the internet discouraged me. This time things have changed. I am using an ADSL connection and i could very easily download the Ubuntu ISO and install it in my machine. No installation problems (Thanks to the Linux installation class of Systems and Network Administration). Everything works fine here. You can easily find any utility (E.g CD Writing , Archives , Security and System Monitoring ..) at the forums.

I got an amazing response from my brothers. They have been hardcore windows users since they started using computers. However they have well adapted to ubuntu and my younger brother is really impressed about the performance boost it has given. Finally I am becoming a FOSS man.

Initially i was worried cos the installation did not had the necesasry tools (E.g CD Writing / Video Editing). My lovly browser firefox and Evolution mail is good companions and allows me to have an awsome internet experience. Well Open Office is also useful but still i dont feel that it has the power and user friendly features of Office XP.

Ubuntu Logo

However through the excellent forums i have found nice open source apps to complement the windows applications. In addition Vmware allows me to run windows on linux desktop. In addition i am exploring the other possibilities such as wine which allows me to load windows apps on linux. It has not given perfect results but i have loaded some win32 programs under linux using wine.

Still i am struggling to setup networking using Samba. My windows machine upstare is quite hesitatnt to accept the linux box. Hope i will be able to enable printing and networking on linux. (I want to install linux on the other one also … but scared how my father would like that )

Well …. I enjoy linux … how about you ? You would here more about my linux experience later !

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Seminar : How to Increase Sales using Web Technology

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on July 31, 2007

I got the opprtunity of participating at a seminar on “How to Increase Sales using Web Technology” organized by the Pioneer House. This seminar was held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute – Colombo. Many people representing various web development companies attended this seminar.

The seminar was very useful and helped to learn new strategies to promote web sites online. This seminar was conducted by Mr. Ifthi Idris a leading marketeer from webgenious – New Zealand. He discussed many interesting topics including Search Engine Optimization , Google Page Ranking and page Ranking algorithms.

My employer , OPRO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd sponsored me for this seminar. I am quite thankful to them for selecting me and sending me for this seminar.

You could find more information about these programs from

Photo of Ifthi

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