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Selling the Sri Lankan conflict online !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 7, 2009

Found this interesting banner on lankaenews.

Online banner ad on Sri Lankan conflict

Online banner ad on Sri Lankan conflict

The link will take you to which seems to be defunct and offline now. (Seems that online business is not that fruitful) How can people see a war for a living ? These guys would see the peace at peace talk and exploit the war in such a shameless way.

So i finally found a conflict merchant ha !


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Civilian Crisis at Wanni : Worried ? Read this !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on February 7, 2009

Many parties including USA, India and others are worried over the plight of civilians. Actualy civilan crisis was triggered by the LTTE. THey have created a barricade forbidding the civilians exit the war zones to safer places. Holding the civilians at gun point they force them to stay as a shield for their carders. In simple words they have created a human shield. Behind this shield they launch attacks to Sri Lankan forces and counter attacks harm civilians.

It’s LTTE who have committed the alleged genocide of Tamils by forcing them to enter an unnecessary war. They launch human wave attacks where they use child soldiers. Recently they sent a child soldier to hamper the civilian rescue by Sri Lankan army.

If you want further proof you could view this video on youtube. It’s captioned in English and you can understand what these IDP is telling to army. Pro LTTE followers might say that this is propaganda, but i hope you have common sense to make a right judgement.

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ෙජයරාජ් , ෙබා්මිබය හා පාඩමි

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 9, 2008

ෙජයරාජ් අැමතිවරයාෙග් මරණය අපෙග් අාරක්ශක වැඩසටහන් වල අඩුපාඩු ෙපන්නුමි කරන්නකි. අාරක්ශාව පිලිඹඳ පුහු විශ්වාසය (False sense of security) අනතුරැදායක වන බවට අතීතෙය් සිටම සාක්ශි පවතී.

උදාහරණයක් ෙලස මැක්බත් කතාෙවී එන ඩන්කන් රජුට වූ ෙදය බලන්න. ඔහු තම ෙසනවියා පිලිබඳ තැබූ වැරදි විශ්වාසය නිසා තම ජීවිතය නැති කරගත්ෙත්ය.

ෙජයරාජ්ට වූෙය්ද ෙමයම යැයි මෙග් අදහසයි. ඔහු තම ගෙමී තමාට උපරිම අාරක්ශාව අැතැයි සිතන්නට අැති. සතුරා ෙදන ඕනෑම අවස්තාවකින් පල ෙනලා ගන්නා බව ෙමි උගත් නීතීඥයා සිතුෙවී නැත්ෙත් අැයි? ඔහුෙග් අාරක්ශක උපෙද්්ශකයන් එෙස් සිතුෙවී නැත්ෙත් අැයි ?

අප කල යුත්ෙත් කුමක්ද ? සිංහලයාට හැමෙද්ම අමතක වන නිසා ෙමයත් අමතක කරමුද ? මැදමුලනට ෙකාටින්ට එන්නට ෙනාහැකි යැයි සිතා බකං නිලා සිටිමුද?

ෙපාලිසිය කියන්ෙන් ෙමය සංවිදායකයන් ෙග් වරදක් බවයි. එෙහනමි ෙපාලිසිය ඉන්ෙන් අහවල් බමිබුවකටදැයි මට සිෙත්.

සිංහල කියමනක් කියන්ෙන් “උපාය දන්ෙනා් අපාෙය් ෙනාවැෙටන බවයි”

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Bye Bye Minister Jeyaraj

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 8, 2008

Hon. M.P Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was assassinated by a LTTE suicide attack. Loss of Jeyaraj is a greater one to Sri Lanka Freedom Party as well as Sri Lanka. Jeyaraj was a promising politician who had the capability of coming to political leadership. He openly condemned the LTTE and it’s atrocities . That must be the reason why he was attacked by LTTE. Up to now LTTE has assassinated scores of tamil politicians and diplomats known to oppose their opinion.

LTTE never tolerates resistance. Therefore the international community should not interpret the silence of wanni people as an acceptance of LTTE policies. Prabakaran belives only in the polpot policy of mass murdering people.

The tragic death of Jeyaraj brings a message to all the VIP’s. CID states that their were serious security flows regarding security for that particular event at Weliveriya. People were not checked and no firm security was available during that occasion. The minister might have compromised his security due to the sense of protection in his own electorate. However the ruthless LTTE took advantage of this security breech.

The comments on this Asian Tribune article shows the angry remarks about the police and organizers , which i too think is just. I take this quote which is striking.

There was no security at the time of incident at all!

Who said there were Elite forces or any police? See the attached Video on youtube and see there is only 1 police man with him.

Also He dont have to cross the road to set go the race… He is been directed by a man to the other side of the road where the bomber is!

This is a clear set up! Weliweriya police officers should be fired!

Like I mentioned before “Sri Lankan POLICE IS SO STUPID AS A DONKEY”

Our friend is lost because the stupidity of Police…

Please President… have your security done by SF/Army/Navy/Air force. And also dont go to address public meetings. Stay away from Public.”

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Tiger Sucide Bombs … the truth …

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on November 30, 2007

The blood thirsty tigers have once again attacked the civilians who has no link with the Sri Lankan military. They have deliberatly aimed the Nugegoda bomb strike on civilians on a busy town. Their cowardice was exposed from this attacked where they took the lives of innocent civilians who had nothing to do with LTTE.

Most of the victims were children and women. The terrorist supporters including TNA question the GOSL why dont they comment on the attack on the deaths of school children at Killinochchi. The Sri Lankan army has denied this charge and they have pointed out that this could be another ploy of LTTE propaganda to discredit army. As a responsible state bound by international legistlation Sri Lankan forces would never target the civilian settlements in their attacks. It’s LTTE who locate civilians near military targets by force. (This was evident in Sampur).

It’s LTTE who attacked sleeping children and hacked them to death , not Sri Lankan forces. It’s LTTE who killed the tamil intellectuals including Neelan Thiruchelvam and Kadiragamar. It’s LTTE who are recruiting child soldiers.

There is only one way to stop violence -> Eradicate LTTE , Bring a political solution to the ethnic conflict. A bloodthirsty moron force cant be the sole representative of tamil community.  

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