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Thoughts – Sri Lankan politics

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on September 2, 2010

Voting options of Sri Lankan parties

  • Skilled , Corrupt and Cunning (Everyone will switch to this mode when they come to power)
  • Diplomatic, posh , uncharismatic and not for masses(Main Opposition party)
  • Rebellious , always anti government, undiplomatic (You know who)
  • Nationalist (Sinhala), racial and religious
  • Pro Terrorist, Pseudo Tamil Nationalists

Not much of an option ha !

S : Please note that this article does not reflect the policies of my employer nor the organizations i am representing.


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ෙජයරාජ් , ෙබා්මිබය හා පාඩමි

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 9, 2008

ෙජයරාජ් අැමතිවරයාෙග් මරණය අපෙග් අාරක්ශක වැඩසටහන් වල අඩුපාඩු ෙපන්නුමි කරන්නකි. අාරක්ශාව පිලිඹඳ පුහු විශ්වාසය (False sense of security) අනතුරැදායක වන බවට අතීතෙය් සිටම සාක්ශි පවතී.

උදාහරණයක් ෙලස මැක්බත් කතාෙවී එන ඩන්කන් රජුට වූ ෙදය බලන්න. ඔහු තම ෙසනවියා පිලිබඳ තැබූ වැරදි විශ්වාසය නිසා තම ජීවිතය නැති කරගත්ෙත්ය.

ෙජයරාජ්ට වූෙය්ද ෙමයම යැයි මෙග් අදහසයි. ඔහු තම ගෙමී තමාට උපරිම අාරක්ශාව අැතැයි සිතන්නට අැති. සතුරා ෙදන ඕනෑම අවස්තාවකින් පල ෙනලා ගන්නා බව ෙමි උගත් නීතීඥයා සිතුෙවී නැත්ෙත් අැයි? ඔහුෙග් අාරක්ශක උපෙද්්ශකයන් එෙස් සිතුෙවී නැත්ෙත් අැයි ?

අප කල යුත්ෙත් කුමක්ද ? සිංහලයාට හැමෙද්ම අමතක වන නිසා ෙමයත් අමතක කරමුද ? මැදමුලනට ෙකාටින්ට එන්නට ෙනාහැකි යැයි සිතා බකං නිලා සිටිමුද?

ෙපාලිසිය කියන්ෙන් ෙමය සංවිදායකයන් ෙග් වරදක් බවයි. එෙහනමි ෙපාලිසිය ඉන්ෙන් අහවල් බමිබුවකටදැයි මට සිෙත්.

සිංහල කියමනක් කියන්ෙන් “උපාය දන්ෙනා් අපාෙය් ෙනාවැෙටන බවයි”

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Bye Bye Minister Jeyaraj

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on April 8, 2008

Hon. M.P Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was assassinated by a LTTE suicide attack. Loss of Jeyaraj is a greater one to Sri Lanka Freedom Party as well as Sri Lanka. Jeyaraj was a promising politician who had the capability of coming to political leadership. He openly condemned the LTTE and it’s atrocities . That must be the reason why he was attacked by LTTE. Up to now LTTE has assassinated scores of tamil politicians and diplomats known to oppose their opinion.

LTTE never tolerates resistance. Therefore the international community should not interpret the silence of wanni people as an acceptance of LTTE policies. Prabakaran belives only in the polpot policy of mass murdering people.

The tragic death of Jeyaraj brings a message to all the VIP’s. CID states that their were serious security flows regarding security for that particular event at Weliveriya. People were not checked and no firm security was available during that occasion. The minister might have compromised his security due to the sense of protection in his own electorate. However the ruthless LTTE took advantage of this security breech.

The comments on this Asian Tribune article shows the angry remarks about the police and organizers , which i too think is just. I take this quote which is striking.

There was no security at the time of incident at all!

Who said there were Elite forces or any police? See the attached Video on youtube and see there is only 1 police man with him.

Also He dont have to cross the road to set go the race… He is been directed by a man to the other side of the road where the bomber is!

This is a clear set up! Weliweriya police officers should be fired!

Like I mentioned before “Sri Lankan POLICE IS SO STUPID AS A DONKEY”

Our friend is lost because the stupidity of Police…

Please President… have your security done by SF/Army/Navy/Air force. And also dont go to address public meetings. Stay away from Public.”

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Mervyn Silva , the Royal Jestor !

Posted by sadeepa palliyaguru on January 3, 2008

The Thug Minister

Ma Ra Win the Thug Minister

Now everyone is aware of the real Mervin after his “show” at SLRC. He would have thought that his goons will be able to overrun SLRC. However the collective attempt of the SLRC employees prevented him from making a scene and escape. His goons and the Dr. Mervyn was imprisoned for nearly four hours and this drama was receiving huge attention of media.

In my opinion it’s the Hon. President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse who should take the total responsibility for the action of this ‘royal jestor’. He has been continuously demonstrating his thuggery and i wonder why Mr. MR is tolerating all these nonsense. The national list is supposed to be used for introducing intellectuals to the parliament and not to bring goons and drug dealers in to the parliament.

Angering the free media would mark the beginning of the fall of any government. All the governments who tried to control and manipulate media have learned this the hard way. Is Mahinda ready to risk his political future (if he is having a one) because of this royal clown and his stupid son ?

The whole nation is watching the response of the government regarding this bullish act. If no action is taken it would let the people infer that Mervyn is the de facto minister of Thug Corporation of the Rajapaksha government. (This is already a public secret).

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